4 Best Window Treatments in Stanwood to Consider for the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms in the home to find window treatments in Stanwood for. The big problem is that the room is humid. Heat and water damage most blinds, shades, and other window coverings you’ll consider.

So, what are the best options for your home? Here are four that you’ll want to consider for the room.

Opt for Faux Wood Shutters for the Room

Let’s start with the permanent window treatments in Stanwood. Shutters are beautiful additions to any home, and they work in all rooms. They’re perfect for the humid rooms, especially if you get faux wood treatments. The material won’t warp in the heat, and it doesn’t succumb to water damage.

One of the biggest downsides is the cost. While this is a long-term treatment, you may not have the budget for the coverings right away. You may also not own the property, which means you’re not going to want to install shutters. What are your other options?

Choose Faux Wood Blinds for Something Cheaper

When you need window treatments in Stanwood that are a little cheaper but still offer great benefits, you need faux wood blinds. These are still semi-permanent, but you’re not going to lose out on as much money as you would with shutters, especially if you rent.

Faux wood blinds won’t warp in the heat. They also won’t become damaged with moisture, as you just wipe away the water. Even if you don’t, the water evaporates from the blinds instead of soaking into the material. They’re low-maintenance options that look good.

Consider Bamboo Window Treatments in Stanwood

Blinds are still on the expensive side. In this case, you want to look at bamboo shades or blinds. While they are real wood, they’re designed for the more humid rooms in the home. The material is treated, so it doesn’t soak in the moisture and it won’t be damaged in the heat of the room.

Bamboo shades come in a variety of styles. You can get plain roller shades to keep the costs down. Roman shades are becoming extremely popular Either way, you get great privacy benefits in the room without having to worry about the loss of light because most bamboo shades are woven.

Stick to Vinyl Coverings for the Home

If you want cheap but effective window treatments in Stanwood for your bathroom, you’ll need to consider vinyl. You can get cheap roller blinds without having to worry about the material warping in the heat or damaging because of the water. The material quickly wipes down, so they work for the long-term.

You can also get multiple colors and styles. There’s something for all bathrooms. The downside is you’ll lose all light when the window coverings are in use, but that’s not a major concern when you get immediate privacy on a low budget.

Which window treatments in Stanwood will work best for your bathroom? Consider your budget and the exact benefits you want to gain before you buy anything for the most humid room in the home.

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