Should You Get Inside or Outside Mounted Roller Shades in New Albany?

You’re looking at a new set of window treatments for your home and have your heart set on roller shades in New Albany. They do look beautiful and offer a range of benefits. They are also among the cheapest options available.

While you know you want roller shades, you still have a few choices to make. One of those is where you’ll mount your shades. Will they sit inside the window frame or on the outside? There are pros and cons to both options.

Why Get Inside Mounted Roller Shades for Your Home

Inside mounted roller shades in New Albany are the cheapest options out of the two types. You require less material when you place the shades on the inside of the frame since you’re only working with the size of the window. This helps to immediately keep the costs down.

You’ll also be able to minimize some of the holes you create in the wall. In some cases, it’s possible to get shades that work with a tension rod. They stick either side of the windows and that’s it. The friction in the wall is what keeps the shades in place. There’s no need to drill lots of holes in the wall like you would with outside mounted options.

They can be excellent for small windows and spaces. The shades fit within the smaller space, not taking up too much space on the walls. This helps to manage the perception of size. Outside mounted options can look like they’re overcrowding the small room.

Why Outside Mounted Roller Shades in New Albany Are the Best

While there are certainly benefits to inside mounted blinds, there are also excellent benefits to outside mounted options. The main one is security. While you can get tension rods for your inside mounted options, one tug in the wrong way can bring the whole system down. Remember, they’re only held up by friction.

Your outside mounted roller shades in New Albany are in place with screws. They’re much more secure options, perfect for those in children’s bedrooms.

You also gained your windowsill back. The inside shades will roll down and sit within the windowsill. If this is too small to use anyway, you won’t miss it. However, if it’s large enough to put plants and photos on, you may feel like you’re missing out. Outside mounted blinds won’t touch the windowsill. The only downside is you don’t get to see your photos when the shades are closed.

They can also make large windows and walls look smaller. You cover more space with a beautiful shade, breaking up the wall and cutting out that overwhelming feeling of a lot of space.

Your shades don’t need to fit the windows exactly, either. You get something larger than the windows, which means you’re more likely to find something pre-made, keeping some of the costs down.

Roller shades in New Albany look beautiful. However, your choices aren’t over. You need to decide whether inside mounted or outside mounted roller shades are going to be better for you.