Plain or Patterned Roman Shades in Saint Matthews?

You know you want a set of roman shades in Saint Matthews for each of your windows. They are beautiful additions to the home, but your decision-making needs haven’t stopped just yet. There are other choices to make when it comes to the style of roman shades.

 While you’ll need to choose the specific type of roman shades, you’ll also need to decide between plain colored or patterned shades. Which is going to be right for you? Here are the top considerations to make.

 Draw Attention with the Patterns

 If you want to draw attention to your windows, opting for a set of patterned roman shades in Saint Matthews is going to be the way to go. This is the quickest and easiest way to add attention to this space around the room.

 You’ll want to keep the rest of the space relatively plain. Choose a neutral color for the rooms and avoid doubling up on the textures with your upholstery or your throws.

 If you do already have patterned upholstery, you’ll want to think about just how overwhelming more patterns will end up being. 

Draw Attention with a Bold Color

 Instead of choosing patterns to draw the attention, consider using a bold color. This is great if you already have patterns around your home. Pick one color from the pattern and use that for your roman shades. You’ll find this color immediately pops elsewhere around your home.

 Even without patterns elsewhere, you can make your windows stand out with single bold colors. Opt for neutral walls and make the windows pop quickly and effortlessly. 

If you have a relatively neutral living space, consider working with the seasons. Choose one color from the season you’re in and dress your windows in style.

 Don’t Overwhelm with Roman Shades in Saint Matthews

 Too many patterns in a space will overwhelm the room. However, that’s not the only way you end up with the overwhelming feeling. Opting for the wrong patterns for the space can become a problem.

 Some patterns can be overly busy. They have a lot of colors mixed in and can start to date your room. Choose a simplistic pattern that uses two or three colors at the most. Stripes are the easiest way to add texture and pattern without overwhelming the space. You’ll want one of the colors to be neutral.

 Go Minimalistic with White Shades

 Not everyone wants to draw attention to the windows in the room. You don’t have to add patterns or bold colored roman shades in Saint Matthews if you don’t want to. One option is to go minimalistic, using white shades for your living space.

 White is an excellent neutral color. It will work with absolutely anything in the living space, regardless of your current décor. You’ll be able to change the décor in the home easily. Meanwhile, you get shades that are light and help to reflect light around the space, making your room feel larger and more inviting.

 You can make your room look amazing with the right roman shades in Saint Matthews. Choose something that you’ll love to look at and won’t overwhelm the current décor.