How Blinds in Jeffersontown Offer Privacy Throughout the Day or Night Without Affecting the Light

There are many types of window treatments out there, but there’s a downside to the majority. When you want privacy in the day, you have to sacrifice the amount of light shining through to your home. That’s not the case with a set of blinds in Jeffersontown.

 You can gain privacy but not lose the natural light. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the afternoon or you’re looking for complete privacy on a night. Here’s how the blinds will benefit you. 

Twist the Slats Slightly to Block the View

 You want a set of venetian blinds in Jeffersontown. These have individual slats that you can twist and turn. They sit parallel to the floor, or you can sit them parallel to the window. You can also put them anywhere in between. The ability to twist the slats offers you the privacy and the light.

 It's possible to twist on a small angle. Twisting down is better. You prevent the view in but don’t prevent the light shining through.

 Close the Slats Entirely on a Night

 On a night, there’s no need to allow natural light into the home. In fact, this is the time without natural light and you have the interior lights on. Blinds in Jeffersontown are perfect. It’s possible to close the blinds completely, blocking the view from the outside completely from coming into your home.

 It's harder for anyone to tell if you’re still awake. You make it impossible for people to see what you’re doing. You feel more comfortable while you have all the extra benefits during the day.

 Twist Some Slats on Your Blinds in Jeffersontown

 There’s no need to twist all the slats on your blinds. There are high chances that you have multiple blinds in your home, helping you control the light considerably, gaining privacy in the rooms or sections of the rooms that you want.

 Say you have three mini blinds next to each other. You can keep one blind closed completely so passersby can’t see you. However, the two blinds next to it are left open to allow the light in but don’t offer the direct view on you.

 Open When You’re Happy

 There are times that privacy isn’t a concern. You want to allow as much light in as possible. This is something that blinds in Jeffersontown will offer. They allow you to open the slats so they sit parallel to the ground, allowing all the natural light in throughout the day.

 It's also possible to pull the blinds up completely. You open the whole window, allowing as much light as you want into the home. The downside is you’re not going to block the UV rays from coming in, which is something the slats can help to manage even when sitting parallel.

 How much privacy do you need? How much light do you need to let in from the outside? You’ll be surprised by the way blinds in Jeffersontown can offer all the privacy and lighting benefits that you need throughout the day and night.