3 Top Tips to Make Roller Shades in Louisville Work with Your Décor

When it comes to window treatments, they need to work with the rest of your décor. You can build up from your window coverings, but sometimes you need to work with the décor you already have. So, how do you work your roller shades in Louisville into your décor needs?

 Whether building up from the shades or adding new shades into your home, you can follow some basic tips. Here are three top tips to make your roller shades work with your décor.

 Keep Your Roller Shades Simple 

Don’t add too much color. One of the best things you can do is keep your roller shades in Louisville as simple as possible in terms of the color scheme. Opt for white or cream, as the colors will work with many other colors and shades whatever room you add the window coverings into.

 White is one of the easiest to work into all décor needs. It’s also a great color for small and larger rooms, avoiding distraction and reflecting light to make rooms look as large as possible.

 The biggest benefit of white is you won’t need to change the color later. It will work with absolutely any décor.

 Pick One Color for Roller Shades in Louisville

 If you’re going to use a color for your shades, then you’ll want to think about just one single color. It’s tempting to add multiple favorite colors into your fabric window coverings, but these colors can end up distracting.

 You want to draw the attention to the window for the right reasons. Choosing one color does this. You can work easily with your current color scheme. Just pick one color from the two or three that you’ll likely have in the room.

 If you have lots of colors in wallpaper, then you’ll want to get picky. You still only want one color, so pick the one that you want to stand out in the room.

 Each of your roller shades in Louisville can be different colors. Just make sure they match within the same room!

 Work With Two Colors Carefully

 When you want to add some beautiful patterns or vine work to your roller shades, then you’ll need to act carefully. In this case, you’ll likely need two colors. It’s important to work with two colors that won’t clash — either with each other or with the rest of the décor in your home.

 The simplest way of dealing with this is making sure one of the two colors in the shades is white. Many will opt for the main color to be white, as it’s an excellent starting block.

 For the second color, work with the previous tip. Opt for color that is within the décor already, a color that you want to stand out among the rest. 

Working your roller shades in Louisville into the rest of your home isn’t that difficult. You don’t have to work with boring white shades if you don’t want. When adding other colors, think carefully about your current décor and any future décor changes you may make.