How to Maximize Your Privacy with Window Shades in Longview

Privacy is essential when it comes to living at home. You want to feel safe and comfortable, regardless of the room you’re in. Window shades in Longview are perfect for this, but you need to get the right type.

There are so many options when it comes to window shades. Some of them are great for privacy but not great for other needs and benefits. Finding a balancing act is important. Here are the best window shades to maximize your privacy.

Solar Shades Offer Privacy During the Day

We start with solar window shades in Longview. These types of window coverings are excellent when you need to block the view into your home during the daytime. However, if you’re bothered about having privacy on a night, they’re not going to be the best.

Solar shades work similarly to a one-way mirror. The view through the window is blocked from whichever side the light shines from. During the day, that means the view into the home is blocked. You’ll be able to see out, but people can’t see in. On a night, the opposite happens as you turn the lights on inside the house.

You’ll need a secondary layer if you want solar shades in your home in rooms where privacy on a night is necessary. You can get dual window shades in Longview, but curtains and drapes tend to be the most favored option for a double layer.

Get Privacy Without Light Blockage with Woven Wood Shades

If you want privacy day and night, you’ll want to look at thicker materials. That doesn’t mean you want to lose the natural light though. It’s time to look at something like woven wood shades. These are usually made of bamboo, which is an excellent natural material that works for all rooms in the home.

The woven wood allows for small gaps in the material. These gaps aren’t big enough to see through, but they are big enough for the light to get through. You’ll filter the glare, making a room far more comfortable.

People will be able to see a little light shining through your window on a night. However, they won’t be able to see you specifically. They just know you’re in.

Privacy While Darkening Rooms with Some Window Shades in Longview

What if you don’t mind darkening the room? This is common with rooms like the bedroom. The privacy is the most important thing. In this case, you’ll want to look at materials that don’t just filter the light. They can completely block it at times.

There are two types of window shades to look at for this benefit. Room darkening shades are good when you want a little light, but privacy is more important. Blackout shades are excellent when you don’t mind or you want to block all the light shining through during the day. You’ll also gain the privacy day and night.

There are some excellent window shades in Longview for privacy. Now you just need to decide when you want the privacy and how much natural light you want to block.