How to Match Your Home Décor with Your Roman Shades in Lincoln

Making your Lincoln roman shades work in your home is more than just thinking about colors and styles. You can’t just look at your window treatments for décor options, but the room as a whole. Sometimes you want to replace your home décor without replacing the beautiful blinds and shades. So, what options do you have? How can you match your home décor to your roman shares?

Look at the Paint and Wallpaper Options First

Start with your paint and wallpaper options. You’ll want to look at the pattern and color choices, making sure you work with the shades, patterns, designs and artwork your roman shades in Lincoln already have. The aim is to make the two work together seamlessly.

Decide whether you want your blinds to stand out from your walls or blend in. This will affect whether you work with the same shade, a different shade of the same color or entirely a different color.

Even if you want the walls or windows to stand out, you’ll still want to think about matching colors. Consider those on the opposite end of the color spectrum to avoid clashing and overwhelming choices.

Move onto Furniture and Upholstery

Now you want to look at the upholstery, furniture and similar items. Think about how they work with your Lincoln roman shades. This isn’t just about the color schemes, but also about the design.

If you have floral patterns on your roman shades, rustic-styled upholstery and furniture can work really well. When you have classic whites and browns, you can opt for similar shades and coloring within your furniture. Beige shades work well with wooden furniture, but you can also opt for white to work with the crisp and clear shades on your windows.

This is also the time to look at throws, covers and pillows. Work with the coloring and pattern in the shades. Look for those that will compliment coloring and patterns. This is possible with a similar approach as choosing your ornaments.

Match Coloring of Ornaments

Once you have the walls and furniture covered, it’s time to move onto the ornaments. These need to mean something to you, but they should also match your décor. Look at candle holders, photo frames and other small items that match the coloring of your roman shades in Lincoln.

If you have patterned shades, pick just one color out of them. Use this coloring around all your ornaments so they all stand out.

When it comes to plain colors, you can opt for the same color with your ornaments. This is good if your walls are a different color to make the windows stand out. If your blinds match your walls, look at a different color for ornaments to make them stand out.

Decorating your home can be fun. Use your Lincoln roman shades as a base and build your design from there.