How to Maintain Your Motorized Blinds in Lincoln

You’ve decided on Lincoln motorized blinds. They are certainly highly beneficial, especially if you struggle to reach high up or you’re physically disabled. However, you still need to maintain these blinds to ensure they work. Just how much will you need to do to ensure your blinds look good and work effectively? Here are the important steps of routine motorized blind maintenance.

A Regular Clean

Cleaning blinds is a standard part of having them anyway. Every month or two, you’d want to clean the blinds to prevent too much dust collection. This keeps your room fresh and allergen-free while making your blinds took good and new. You’ll also want to clean where the dust can get in the motorized system, which often just means a feather duster to the top and just within, where the blinds hang.

If you have pets, you may want to clean more regularly. This helps to get rid of any pet hair that has clung to the blinds, getting rid of those allergens.

Those who hang motorized curtains instead of motorized blinds in Lincoln will want to give the curtains a shake each morning. This would be standard with traditional curtains to help dislodge the dust collecting at the bottom but is routinely forgotten about when you have motorized systems.

Replacing the Battery

If you have a wireless system, replacing the batteries will be necessary. Just because your system doesn’t work instantly on a morning doesn’t mean the batteries are the problem. On a night, your motorized system will often go into sleep mode. You’ll need to press the button twice to turn it on and then start the blinds moving to open them. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean your system is broken.

When you find you’re pressing the buttons more than once during the day, especially if you’ve been using the blinds frequently, then you may want to look at changing the batteries.

Make sure you have a set of new batteries stored in your home. Sometimes you can’t tell when the batteries decide to stop working, so having a spare set will mean you’re ready for anything.

Listen Out for Strange Noises

Part of the routine maintenance of Lincoln motorized blinds is listening out for noises or looking out for something that doesn’t seem right. The motor can start to wear down from routine use. There may also be a fault within the system. Listening out and getting a professional in to check on it will help to ensure fixes are made when they’re most routine.

Preventing a major problem is always going to be cheaper than fixing it. You’ll want to book a service yearly, like you would with your car, to make sure there are no direct issues forming.

Looking after your motorized blinds in Lincoln is essential if you want to get your money’s worth. They’re designed to last for decades, but only if you treat them well, clean them, and get them serviced.