3 Types of Interior Shutters in Ashland to Consider

Ashland shutters aren’t a one-size-fits-all. There are many different styles, offering a range of benefits and downsides. You’ll need to consider each of the shutters to make sure they work for your exact needs.

When looking into interior shutters in your Ashland home, it’s worth looking at these types. They can help to add more light control, privacy, and weather benefits to your home.

Shaker Style for Door-Like Shutters

Ever wanted to cover your windows as if you had a door against the outside world? If so, then you want to consider the Shaker style. This type of interior shutter involves using two planks of wood that meet in the middle to completely close off the window from the outside world.

The planks are extremely easy to personalize. You can add different colors and styles to your home. It’s also possible to opt for slightly different materials, especially faux wood to get a cheaper, more durable type of material.

With the full planks, you will get a blackout element in the home. They can work extremely well for rooms where you don’t want any type of light source coming in and out of the home. They also make it much harder for thieves to break in. The thieves don’t know if you’re in and will also have another layer to get through, moving them onto the next home in the area.

Opt for the Café Style

A popular style for interior shutters in Ashland is the café style. The name of the shutters comes from the French café style, where these types of shutters are still in use today. You will know and recognize them the minute you see them.

The shutters look similar to louvered shutters for the outside of the home. However, they only cover the bottom half of your window, leaving the top have uncovered and free.

One of the most notable downsides is the lack of privacy and light control. You will still get plenty of light coming through the top have of the window, meaning you need another type of window treatment. On the other hand, you can block the glare out from a sitting level and keep the natural light shining through the top of your home, negating the need for electric lights in the middle of the day.

Because of the slat panels, you can gain some light control at the bottom half of the window. You gain privacy from outside eyes while you sit and eat your breakfast and can open them fully if you want all the light to come through.

Personalized Cut-Out Shutters

Cut-out shutters in Ashland are more popular for exterior use, but they can also be used for interior use. You get the traditional Shaker style but with a slight difference. There’s a cut-out at some point in the shutter, allowing a little light through in the shape of that cut-out.

Some people choose to put their family crest in the cut-out. Others will put the shape of an item that means something to them. Or they will use the shape of an item that matches the décor. For example, you could use a teddy bear for a child’s room or a rose for the guest room.

You get the benefits of the Shaker style, with a little extra light coming through. There’s something romantic about some shapes lighting up on the opposite wall.

Want to get Ashland shutters? Think about what you want to gain from the interior shutters and decide on the style that works for those gains.