3 Reasons You Need Lincoln Honeycomb Shades in Your Home

You know you want shades in your home. Now you just need to choose the best options for your rooms. After all, there are just so many types. Honeycomb shades in Lincoln are absolutely beautiful and offer many practical benefits. They’re perfect for all rooms. Here are three reasons you need them for your home.

They Offer Excellent Light Control

One of the big reasons many people turn away from honeycomb shades in Lincoln is due to the light control. There’s a view that because they don’t have slats that they will limit the amount of control you have. There’s the fear that you’ll instantly plunge a room into darkness.

This isn’t the case. The shades offer excellent light control because of their sheer material. While they block out the heat and damage from the sun’s rays, they don’t plunge your room into darkness. The benefit is they get rid of the glare, without getting rid of the actual light. Yet they will block out the light of lamps and car headlights during the night.

Of course, you can also get the shades in darker, thicker materials. They can offer more blackout features if you need them, giving you the best of both worlds.

They Offer More Heat Control

Lincoln honeycomb shades aren’t just perfect for light control. They offer far superior heat control compared to many other types of shades.

The way the shades are made helps to trap heat inside. With two sheets of creased material, the shades create small diamond pockets to help the heat circulate and go out the way it came in. This offers both heating and cooling benefits depending on the time of year.

In the winter, you can trap the heat leaving your home quickly and effectively. The heat is then circulated back into your room, keeping it warm and toasty without the need for the heating to always be on. In the summer, the heat from the outside is circulated back out of the window, limiting the need for the air conditioning.

It’s Easy to Hide Them When Not in Use

You don’t always want to see the shades when they’re place up. Too many shades are still visible, especially when it comes to rollers. Honeycomb shades in Lincoln will stack on top of itself. The open blind will take up less space, making it easier to hide it from visitors. You can use a valance over the top of your windows to add a decorative hiding spot.

There’s no need to worry about cords being on show, either. Honeycomb shades are one of the best options for cordless structures. Not only does this make the blind easy to hide, but also keeps your family safe. Cords have proven to be extremely dangerous for young children.

There’s no need to hide the shades all the time though. Lincoln honeycomb shades are easily customized to work with all décor and styling needs. They add beauty to your home.

Honeycomb shades in Lincoln are beautiful additions to your home. They’re easy to hide when not in use but look gorgeous when pulled over, since they are easy to adapt and customize. At the same time they offer a range of practical benefits, making them one of the best window treatments available.