3 Color Schemes for Venetian Blinds in Lincoln in 2018

The new year is almost here and it’s time to look at your color scheme options. Décor tips change on an annual basis and Lincoln venetian blinds make it easy to follow tips and tricks. If you’re looking to change the décor in your home, consider these color schemes for your venetian blinds, whatever the room.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Start with the neutral look. White venetian blinds look crisp and clean. While they can mean a little more maintenance for cleaning, they will always look bright. Venetian blinds in Lincoln allow a little sunlight into your room, which the white allows to shine through better. You’ll still get daylight but no glare, making them perfect options for the conservatory.

You can also opt for beiges or darker neutral colors. This will depend on the look you want for the room. The benefit of lighter colors is the opening of the space. Getting the natural light through the shades will help to brighten up the area and make a small room look much larger.

Faux wood venetian blinds are among the most popular. You can get these in a light wood, bringing the outdoors inside but without pulling the attention to the windows. Sometimes the point of blinds is to make the windows blend well with the walls.

Work with Bold Colors

Let your windows become a statement in your home with the use of your Lincoln venetian blinds. Consider bold colors, such as bright reds, teal greens, and deep purples. Your windows will draw attention from guests, making them stand out for the glory that they offer.

Keep your walls relatively neutral if you’re going to opt for bold colors in the blinds. You want to avoid too much clashing. Consider using the same color as the blinds along your woodwork and with accessories in the home to continue the color scheme.

These bold looks can work well in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Think about the feelings colors give to help create the right atmosphere in individual rooms.

Add to the Rustic Look

Venetian blinds in Lincoln look absolutely beautiful in plain wood colors. While you may want to avoid real wood blinds, you can get the rustic look with faux wood or bamboo. Consider bold wood colors or varnished styles, whether oak, walnut or maple.

You’ll want to continue the rustic look throughout the rest of the room. This look works extremely well in conservatories, where you will likely have plenty of plants and that look straight into the garden. The bathroom and kitchen can also benefit from a little bit of a rustic feel. This is also popular for the office space if you work from home.

Rustic is becoming extremely popular in 2018. There’s a focus on recycling and nature, which bamboo venetian blinds offer easily and effectively.

It’s time to consider your color schemes. Don’t just buy colors you enjoy. Think about the feel of the shades, the atmosphere of the room, and the décor that you want. This will help you determine the best materials and colors of Lincoln venetian blinds for your home.