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Our Plantation Shutters Prove Great Style is Always in Style

Our classic-style Plantation shutters add a timeless statement to your home. We create our shutters to fit your exact specifications, from measurements to louver size and material. Our real hardwood window shutters are a popular option, but we also carry a polymer faux wood choice. Both options come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Here are some advantages to choosing Plantation window shutters for your home.

  • The louvers on our Plantation shutters come in a range of different louver (slat) sizes. Our louvers are fully functional to allow you to control light, visibility, and even airflow when your windows are open.
  • When you choose our real wood shutters you can rest assured that our North Americans are responsibly sourced, making them an eco-friendly option.
  • You can use our Plantation shutters on French and sliding glass doors thanks to a bi-fold track design that allows them to hinge and fold.
  • Our polymer composite Plantation shutters look just like the real thing but are a great alternative for high-humidity zones like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • The durable design of our Plantation shutters provides insulation. Fully closing the slats will block the sunlight during the day and offer maximum energy-efficiency. You can combine our window shutters with our other products, such as UV blocking film.
  • We've included hidden features in our Plantation shutters, like a hidden tilt rod and even motorization.
  • Our motorized Plantation shutters are kid- and pet-safe since they feature no cords.
  • Call Budget Blinds of Laguna Niguel at (949) 933-4053 to put Plantation shutters in your home.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Window Treatments?

Choosing the right window treatments involves more than appearance; you need a way to control light, airflow, privacy, and temperature. Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters put you in charge of all of these factors, allowing you to update them multiple times a day if you desire. 

When you choose Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters, you don’t have to settle for whatever’s in stock at your local big-box retailer. We custom measure, manufacture, and install your shutters, so each window in your home receives the perfect fit.

Do custom shutters really make that much of a difference? Yes! Here’s a typical day to show you how you can enjoy beautiful new Plantation shutters from Budget Blinds.

Wake Up to Filtered Light and Better Comfort

Imagine adjusting your Plantation shutters’ louvers just a touch right before you go to bed, so a bit of filtered light enters your bedroom in the morning. The room is cozier due to the insulation your new Plantation shutters provide.

In the morning, open the shutters (use a remote to tilt them if you’ve added a motorized option) and take in the view. As you walk by your kids’ rooms, you feel good because the Plantation shutters you selected for them (as with all our shutters) use no cords, so they’re kid and pet-safe.

In the bath, you smile because your new faux wood Plantation shutters stand up to humidity and will look great for years. No more worrying about getting a great look and sacrificing durability.

On your way to the kitchen, you notice how Plantation shutters on your living room’s French doors add a sense of tranquility to that space. And, as you enter the kitchen, you remember that there’s no need to shield your eyes anymore from the glare of the morning sun. Cook as much as you want; your faux wood Plantation shutters stand up to heat and humidity and will look great for years.

Plantation Shutters Effortlessly Adjust to Your Lifestyle

When you return from work, it’s late afternoon, and you want to enjoy the sunset from your living room windows. As you enter the room, you tilt your real hardwood Plantation shutters to let the sun in while retaining your privacy.

Tonight you’re having a few friends in, and dinner will be served on the patio. With your Plantation shutters, you can retain privacy or easily move them when you open the sliding doors, thanks to a bi-fold track design that allows them to hinge and fold.

When it gets a little cool on the patio, you and your guests retreat to the living room. You close your Plantation shutters and keep the heat in. Your shutters perfectly complement your decor, and you receive compliments on their beauty.

Later, as you turn in for the night, you decide to keep your bedroom’s Plantation shutters closed to insulate your space so you can enjoy a cozy rest.

Live Comfortably and Elegantly with Plantation Shutters

You’ve seen the life you can enjoy with Budget Blinds' custom Plantation shutters. Each room in your home can be as unique as you are. Your Plantation shutters will look amazing and operate easily, so you can change each room’s ambiance in moments.

A Better Alternative to Off-the-Shelf Plantation Shutters

Budget Blinds’ custom window shutters beat in-stock shutters sold at retail stores because we offer:

  • Thirty years of industry leadership. With over three decades in the custom window treatments business, Budget Blinds’ expertise will help make your Plantation shutter purchase and installation enjoyable and easy.
  • Expert product and style guidance. Our custom Plantation shutters are available in real hardwood and polymer faux wood—you decide what’s best with guidance from your Budget Blinds professional. Get Your Free Budget Blinds Design Guide
  • Custom measurement and installation. We custom measure your shutters to fit perfectly, even on large windows. We will expertly install your shutters for you, so you will be delighted with their appearance and performance.
  • Our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our Plantation shutters are manufactured to the highest standards for long life, so you’ll not only enjoy them for years; they’ll also enhance your home’s value.

Budget Blinds Plantation Shutters Will Change Your Life

We’ve shown you just a few of the possibilities! Discover the many benefits of our custom Plantation shutters, including the wide range of colors and finishes available, when you work with a local professional from Budget Blinds.

It’s time to add the ultimate in beauty and functionality to every window in your home. Schedule your free in-home Plantation shutter consultation with your Budget Blinds professional now!

white Plantation shutters in kitchen

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