Do Bahama Shutters in Olympia Make Your House Dark?

You’re looking at the different types of exterior shutters you can get, and Bahama shutters in Olympia stand out. They are beautiful additions and very easy to use to make the most of them. There’s just one concern you have about them. How dark will they make your home?

As you look at the shutters, you’ll see that they don’t open the way plantation shutters do. They don’t open up to reveal the whole window. Does this mean the light can’t shine in through your windows properly?

You Have Control Over the Light That Comes In

It’s actually the opposite because of the way the Bahama shutters in Olympia work. You have more control over the way they sit on the outside of your window, controlling the levels of light that you want to allow into your home. You can do this with all exterior window coverings, but Bahama shutters are a little easier to use.

There’s no need to go outside to work all the shutters. You can hook the shutters the way you want from the inside of your home. Just open the window and get to work. This is much easier when it comes to the upstairs windows, which are often ignored due to the need for a ladder from the outside.

From there, you can choose how far your shutters sit open. It’s possible to open them the entire way, letting as much light in as possible. The great thing is you’re still blocking the glare and UV rays in a lot of cases. When you want to make your house dark, you just close up the shutters.

You’ll Need to Twist the Louvers

Bahama shutters in Olympia come with louvers. You’ll need to twist them to get the full control over the light coming into the home. The good news is that this is easy to do.

You can slide your window open and move the louvers. The more you twist them so they’re parallel to the ground when your shutters are closed, the more light you’ll be able to let in. If you twist them so they’re a little more closed, you’re going to block the light.

When the Bahama shutters in Olympia are open, you’ll need to work the louvers depending on the way the sun is sitting. If you want to block the glare, you’ll want the louvers to twist a little to block the glare shining through. Don’t twist too much as you don’t necessarily want to block all the light coming in.

Color Will Play a Part

Something to keep in mind is the color of your shutters. Darker colors are going to absorb light and make your home look darker. It’s best to opt for a brighter color so that the light can reflect better.

Opt for one color for your shutters. They offer good curb appeal, while putting your stamp on your house.

Bahama shutters in Olympia are excellent additions to the home. With more light control, you get to see how dark your room is allowed to get.