Are Cheap Drapes in Tumwater a Waste of Money?

When it comes to window coverings, you’ll see that drapes in Tumwater tend to be the cheapest options available. They are certainly great options when you want to save money, but doesn’t cheap mean a waste of money? Aren’t you buying into a false economy?

There is the misconception that drapes aren’t worth the money you’ll pay. However, it’s going to depend on the type of window coverings you want and the type of benefits you need. Here’s why drapes can be but aren’t always a waste of money.

They’re Not Designed to Last That Long

One of the downsides of drapes in Tumwater is that they’re not designed to last for decades. They’re the type of window coverings you’ll hang for five to 10 years at the most. The fabric can start to break down due to the UV rays coming through the window, even if you have a lining.

It can seem like a waste to get drapes when you can get blinds or shutters that are designed to last for decades. However, you may not want something that lasts decades. Maybe you’re looking for temporary window coverings or you want something that you can change with your décor each season without feeling guilty. The low cost is the way to go.

Cheap Drapes in Tumwater Just Need a Bit of Care

It’s all about maintenance. With good maintenance, your drapes will last for years. That’s the case with all window coverings, so it’s not like you’re wasting time by getting drapes.

You’ll need to follow the cleaning instructions. If your drapes say dry clean only, opt for dry cleaning them. Putting them through the washing machine will damage the material. They may say machine washable but not machine dryable. In this case, you’ll need to hang dry.

You’ll also need to make sure you keep your drapes clean and protected. If you switch them out through the seasons, store them in vacuum bags to keep the dust away. You’ll find they last for the decades to come with the three- to six-month use you opt for.

They Can Be Harder to Work Into Décor

One of the downsides is changing up the drapes in Tumwater when you change your décor. There are high chances that you’re going to get colored or patterned drapes to work with the current décor you have, while the long-term window treatments are neutral.

You don’t need to opt for colors. You can go for whites and creams and even browns. The neutral tones are great for longer-term use. However, colors and patterns are great for seasonal options. And the low cost of the drapes makes them the type of window coverings you’ll want to switch over with the different décor needs.

You’ll find there are different materials as well as colors to work for the different seasons. You’ll ensure you get the benefits you want, whether it’s light control, heat management, or even both!

Now is the time to look at saving money on your window coverings. Drapes in Tumwater aren’t that much of a waste of money after all.