4 Good Window Treatments in Tumwater for a South-Facing Home Office

You’re getting your home office set up for a permanent place to work now. It just means looking at some of the downsides of the room to manage them with window treatments in Tumwater.

If you have a south-facing window, you’ll have to deal with a lot of light issues. This isn’t just about glare, but the damage the UV rays will bring. That means finding window coverings that manage those downsides. Here are four good types of window treatments to buy for the south-facing home office.

Get a Set of Permanent Shutters or Blinds

Start by looking at getting something permanent for the office space. This is perfect if you know the room will always remain an office and you own the space. If you rent, you may not remain there for long enough to gain benefits out of permanent window treatments in Tumwater.

Shutters are the best for permanence. They’re made to last decades and come in a variety of styles to offer a range of benefits. You’ll gain temperature, privacy, and lighting benefits.

Blinds are a step down in permanence but still offer excellent benefits. They’re also a little cheaper than shutters.

Look Out for Cellular Shades for a More Affordable Option

There are some excellent fabric window treatments in Tumwater, and cellular shades are among them. These types of window coverings look good, so you have something professional if your shades end up being on camera. They offer great temperature, privacy, and lighting benefits at the same time.

While not as good as shutters and blinds, they are still great. They’re also a fraction of the price, so you gain back from your investment sooner.

Consider Other Fabric Window Treatments in Tumwater for Setting the Mood

As mentioned, there are some great fabric options. Cellular shades are the best for the multiple benefits, but you can also gain from the likes of roman shades and roller shades. Even solar shades could work for your daytime needs, especially if you’re not in the office on a night.

Fabric shades offer the benefit of color choice. You can opt for neutral tones if you need to keep them professional, but you can opt for bright colors to boost the mood while you work. Colors have a direct effect on the mood, and you want to be productive and happy in the office.

Opt for Motorized Blinds If You Have a Larger Budget

If you have a larger budget, look at making your life easier with motorized window treatments in Tumwater. These come in a variety of styles, so you’ll still need to pick between blinds and shades. However, they all offer the ability to open and close your blinds without moving.

There’s nothing worse than suddenly suffering from glare and having to get up a mid workflow to close the blinds. With motorized options, you can do it all with a push of a button or get Alexa or Google to do it for you.

Get your office ready for you to work productively. When it comes to south-facing windows, there are great window treatments in Tumwater to help.