4 Major Mistakes You’re Making When Hanging Curtains in Ashland

You’ve bought your curtains in Ashland. The color and style choosing has come to an end and now you’re onto the hanging process. Before you start, make sure you know the most common and major mistakes when hanging curtains. The last thing you want to do is hang and realize you need to replace.

 Not Measuring for Your Curtains Properly

 One of the steps needs to be done before you even buy your curtains. While you know the style that you want, you need to make sure the curtains are the right size. Too many people take a guess at the size of their windows and get it terribly wrong.

 Measure the windows in your home, from the point of hanging to the point you want the curtains to sit. This could be floor to ceiling, halfway from the ceiling to halfway to the floor, or even just above the window to the floor. It’s going to be up to you at this point.

 When you measure for your curtains in Ashland properly, you save money. There’s no need to head back to the store for your window treatments.

 Hanging Your Curtains Too Low

 Now it comes to the hanging process. A major mistake is not hanging from the right spot. If you go too low, you can make a small room look even more cramped than it really is. You cut off some of the size of the room.

 If you’re not going for floor to ceiling curtains, you’ll want to look at hanging from about the midway point between window and ceiling. The curtains then even need to hang to the midpoint between the bottom of the window and floor or stretch right to the floor. The latter looks far better.

 The higher your rod is, the more space it looks like is in your home. You make the walls and windows look taller, which can make you psychologically feel better.

 Not Ironing Your Curtains in Ashland

 Okay, some curtains will actually get away without the ironing. It’s going to depend on the material. When you open your curtains out, you shouldn’t see any wrinkles or creases. The only folds should be the ones that are supposed to be there for style.

 If you have wrinkles, you’ll need to pull out the iron. You give the impression that you care about the look of your home with straight and beautiful looking curtains.

 For the curtains where the material isn’t suitable for the heat, you may need to steam. You can also cover the material with a tea towel or something similar for protection. Always iron from the back to avoid damaging your drapes or curtains.

 Getting the Wrong Hardware

 You’ll need the right rod for your curtains in Ashland. Then you need to think about the hooks your curtains may need to be hanged. And don’t forget about the right nails and tools.

 It’s surprising just how many people forget about the hardware! Don’t make it two or three trips to the store!

 With the following tips, you’ll be able to hand your curtains in Ashland with ease. And they’ll look amazing when you’re done!