Why Plantation Shutters in Burien Are Excellent for Light Management

One of the most common types of shutters in Burien are plantation shutters. While you want the heating and privacy benefits, you also want to make sure you gain great light management. After all, light management is one of the main reasons to buy any type of window treatments.

Are plantation shutters any good for light management? They’re excellent, and here’s why you need to consider them for your home.

Completely Close the Louvers for a Blackout Effect

Sometimes, you want to be able to block all the light shining through the windows. You’ll want a set of window treatments that can create a blackout effect, even during the day. Or you want to block the car headlights or street lights shining in your bedroom window on a night. You need to consider plantation shutters in Burien.

The shutters have louvers that you can open and close. It’s possible to close them completely, like you would with slats on venetian blinds. By closing the shutters, you block any light from getting into the home.

Because your shutters are made of faux wood or real wood, you create a full blackout effect whenever you need it.

Control the Direction of the UV Rays with Plantation Shutters in Burien

The louvers can be twisted like you can twist slats on venetian or vertical blinds. There’s no need to sit with them closed all the time. You can twist the louvers in a way that changes the direction of the light source.

This allows you to block the UV rays if you want without blocking all the light. You get rid of the glare to sit comfortably, but still allow the natural light to shine into the home. You get light filtering or room darkening benefits instead of blackout benefits.

Allow All the Light in If You Want an Open Space

If you do want to allow all the light into your home, you get that benefit too. It’s possible to open the louvers so they sit parallel to the ground. Like with venetian blinds, you can allow maximum light into the home.

You can also open your plantation shutters in Burien. While blinds open upwards, shutters open like doors. You can latch them to the wall and open the entire window to let all the light into the room that you want. This is great for winter afternoons when you want to keep the light shining through. It’s also good for cloudy days when you don’t have many UV rays shining in.

Manage the Damage from UV Rays

Speaking of UV rays, you want to consider plantation shutters. They’re usually made of faux wood, which offers a protection against the harmful UV rays. No matter how you have the louvers sitting, you can prevent the UV rays hitting your furniture, but you don’t have to worry about the material of the shutters breaking down at the same time.

It's time to consider plantation shutters in Burien for your home. They are the best for light management.