How Large Should Your Valance in SeaTac be?

You need to get a valance in SeaTac. This is a great addition to the to of your window, making it possible to add a little extra color and offer a few practical benefits you may never have thought of. Now you need to decide on the size of the valance.

Should this just be a small strip of material over the top, or should you opt for something bigger? Here are all the factors to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t do around your windows.

A Small Strip to Work with Other Window Coverings

If you already have other window coverings, you’ll want to consider getting just a small valance in SeaTac. You want something that is going to just cover the top of the window, covering up the hardware of your other window coverings. This could be a rod or the top of your roller blinds. It could also allow to cover up where the moonlight shines through the holes in the curtains if you have a tension rod on the inside of your window frames.

The only time you want to go a little larger is with the placement of the valance. You may need to hang from slightly above the window frame due to where the rod placement is or any boarding you have around the window. You’ll want to make sure you get deep enough into the window to cover up the hardware fully.

Go Larger for Valances on Their Own

Depending on the room, you may choose to just have a valance in SeaTac. This is a great way to add color and style to the window without covering up too much of it. If you have a small window or a small room, you want to get as much light into it as possible.

Having a slightly larger valance in this case is beneficial. You’ll have something that covers the top quarter or third of the window. It will offer some benefits when it comes to the light and UV rays coming in, reducing the glare without reducing all of the natural light. You can also help to manage some of the rising temperatures in the warmer weather.

The valance won’t take up a lot of space. It can sit mounted on the inside of the window frame, helping to keep the costs of the material down while also preventing too much of the wall space being taken over. If you have a small room, this helps to maximize the space around the area. It won’t look too cramped, which can happen with a lot of material around the outside of the window frame.

Valances offer some great style benefits. They can also offer practical benefits when it comes to certain light problems coming into the home. You don’t need a lot of material to get the benefits of having a valance in SeaTac. Just make sure you get the amount right depending on if you have other window coverings or you want to use valances on their own.

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