Can Venetian Blinds in Kent Help With Summer Heat?

The summer is almost here. Some days, it feels like it’s already here. You want to find a way to manage the heat in the home without the air conditioning, which can lead to looking for new window treatments. You may come across venetian blinds in Kent and wonder if they’re right for the summer heat.

There isn’t a straight yes or no answer. The truth is that it depends on the type of material you choose for your venetian blinds. However, they can be perfect for managing heat levels in the summer (and in the winter).

Real Wood Blinds Can Block the UV Rays

The most expensive type of venetian blinds in Kent you’ll find are real wood blinds. The material certainly offers a range of benefits, including heat management. The material blocks the UV rays shining through the window, which helps to keep the temperatures down.

There is a downside to real wood, especially if you have south-facing windows. The UV rays and heat can cause the material to warp. This leads to gaps within the slats, so the UV rays end up shining through.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds in Kent Are Perfect

If you’re looking for a set of blinds that won’t warp and will offer help with summer heat, you’ll want to consider faux wood blinds. The material looks like real wood and does have a real wood composite in the middle. However, you have a vinyl layer that protects the wood from warping due to the heat.

The material is excellent for blocking out the UV rays, keeping the temperatures down naturally in the home. You’ll also block the heat from outside flowing through the window. In the summer, the heat works the opposite way to the winter. The outside temperatures are hotter and try to “warm up” the interior temperatures. Blinds prevent that from happening.

Metal Blinds Can Be Beneficial

You could look at metal venetian blinds in Kent. Aluminum are the most popular material. They’re certainly beneficial when it comes to the cost, but what about helping with summer heat.

Metal can absorb the heat, which can lead to some extra heat around the windows. However, it’s not likely to allow the heat to get into the rest of the room. The material will also do well at blocking the UV rays without warping in the heat. This is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Fabric Venetian Blinds Aren’t That Good for Heat Management

Out of all the types of venetian blinds available, fabric blinds are the least beneficial for managing the heat and UV rays. While the slats will block the UV rays shining through, it doesn’t offer the physical barrier that other materials do to prevent the heat.

Your blinds will also succumb to UV damage. The material is more likely to break down due to the heat compared to all other materials.

Faux wood venetian blinds in Kent are the best for summer heat. However, metal can be an affordable option for those on a tight budget.