4 Types of Window Treatments in Tukwila for the Best Blackout Effects

There are times that you want to block out all the light even though it’s still day. You need to find the best window treatments in Tukwila for that benefit.

The good news is there are a lot of great window coverings to gain a blackout effect. You now just need to choose the one that works for your needs and is within your budget.

Opt for Blackout Shades for a Low Budget

If you don’t have a large budget, you’ll want to consider blackout shades. These window treatments in Tukwila are designed to keep the light out as soon as they’re in use. You just pull them down and you’re good to go.

There’s no need to only get dark colors. It’s also about the material that’s used, with plenty of light-colored or bright shades that will create a blackout effect because of thicker materials. You’ll certainly find something for all rooms in the home.

When you’re ready to let the light in, just pull the blinds back up.

Manage the Light with Blackout Drapes

Another great option for a small budget is a set of blackout drapes. You may not even need blackout materials specifically when it comes to these window treatments in Tukwila. Just thicker, darker materials will help to manage the light coming in, allowing you to easily buy something premade.

The drapes quickly pull on and off. There’s no need for anything special when it comes to rods, getting tensions rods to keep the costs and damage to a minimum, making them excellent options for renters.

Consider Faux Wood Window Treatments in Tukwila

When you have a little more of a budget, you’ll want to look into more permanent options for the home. Faux wood window treatments are excellent. They can be Venetian blinds or vertical blinds depending on the size and style of your windows. You twist the slats to gain all the light control you need, including a blackout effect.

If you own your home, consider a more permanent fixture. Look out for faux wood plantation shutters. You get the louvers to gain all the light control you need, including blackout. Barn shutters are also excellent additions if you’re not worried about only blocking the light when in use.

Look Out for Thermal Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are popular options for homes, especially when it comes to heating benefits. Most of them don’t offer a complete blackout effect though. If you do want cellular shades as your window treatments in Tukwila, you need to think about going one step up.

Thermal cell shades are great additions. They have an aluminum layer within the blinds, which helps to block heat loss but also blocks the light coming through. When in use, they prevent all light from shining through so you can sleep during the day with ease. Plus, you still get all the heating benefits of cell shades.

It's time to get the best blackout window treatments in Tukwila. There is something for all budgets when you look carefully.