4 Reasons You Need Zebra Roman Shades in Kent

You’ve decided on getting roman shades in Kent. These are beautiful additions for the home, but your decision-making process isn’t over yet. You’ll need to look at the different types of and materials for roman shades for the home.

One style you’ll come across is zebra roman shades. These have a strip of solar shade material and a strip of room darkening/blackout shade material alternating all the way down the shade. They look like a zebra with the light/dark pattern. Not sure this style is going to be for you? Here are four reasons why it is.

Privacy Without the Light Loss with Zebra Roman Shades in Kent

We start with the biggest reason to get any type of zebra shade. It’s all about the privacy without the loss of the natural light. You don’t necessarily want to create a blackout effect during the day when you’re blocking the view into your home. You just want to gain protection from the view outside.

Zebra shades will offer the solar layer to make sure some of the natural light shines through. However, the two layers mixed together work similarly to slat blinds. You make it very hard for people to see in.

Manage the Rising Temperatures in the Summer Months

The summer has the problem of rising temperatures. You can manage that with zebra roman shades in Kent. Both layers will block the UV rays, but the solar layer means you still get some of the natural light shining through. You’ll not need to worry about a complete blackout effect.

The UV rays are the main reason for rising temperatures in the summer. Now you have something that will block the view and the rays at the same time so you’re more comfortable at home.

Still Offer Some Darkening Effects When Necessary

You will still get darkening effects with zebra roman shades in Kent when you need them. You don’t get the full blackout effect during the day, but you can still block the annoying light. The room darkening strips will help to balance the light well.

The only downside is if you’re trying to sleep. You won’t get that blackout effect during the day, making them not the best option for the bedroom if you work shifts or nights. You’ll need a secondary layer.

Will Offer Some Insulation Around Your Windows in the Winter

Fabric shades aren’t the best for blocking heat loss in the winter. They are still somewhat beneficial, and you will gain some benefits with zebra roman shades in Kent. The material tends to be a little thicker than standard roller shades.

You will likely double up with another window covering. Your roman shade offers extra insulation with the main layer that blocks the majority of the heat loss. You do create better insulation around your windows for the winter months.

It’s time to upgrade your window coverings to zebra roman shades in Kent. You won’t regret the beauty and the practical benefits, especially in the summer months.

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