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Meet your Budget Blinds Team of Northern Jacksonville!

Here's our team: ready to design the perfect look in new custom window coverings for you!

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    David Phillips


    Get to know the team behind Budget Blinds of Northern Jacksonville!

    We're so happy to introduce you to our owner and expert designer, David Phillips. David is excited to bring his 30+ years of residential and commercial design experience to the Jacksonville community.

    After growing up and attending the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, David decided he was ready to share his design skills with the US. He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before settling in Jacksonville, which he says reminds him of home. He, his spouse, and their two cats love living in the Jacksonville area, and David's glad he can share his passion for design with local homeowners.

    David has an exceptional eye for beautiful interiors, but that's not all he does. When he's not busy running the business and designing beautiful window treatments for clients, David loves renovating his own home and playing tennis, too.

    When you're ready to refresh your home, David is the best man for the job. He's always thrilled to meet new customers and help them turn a house into the home of their dreams. Stop in and meet David at Budget Blinds of Northern Jacksonville today!

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    Jane Billings


    We’re pleased to let you meet our owner Jane! Jane comes with a background in business RCC and certifications in the fitness field, and she’s owned and managed businesses for 30 years! During that time, Jane has learned that satisfied customers are the most important element to any successful business. According to her, what she loves most about Budget Blinds is working with customers through the process, from the initial consultation all the way through the installation process.

    Jane comes from the Tampa and Clearwater area, where she lived until the late 1990s. She’s serviced accounts all over the state of Florida, and she and her husband often remark how wonderful the people in Jacksonville are. According to them, it’s like no other place on earth. They love it here and enjoy helping homeowners in the process.

    Outside of work, Jane and her husband have a son, daughter, and an amazing granddaughter, plus two cats—one of whom was rescued from a dumpster and the other who was saved from a near-drowning. Both kitties have struggled to adapt to household life, but they’ve settled in beautifully, and, as Jane says, they now run the household!

    When not spending time with her family and kitties, Jane loves tennis. She and her husband play four to five times per week, and they also enjoy hiking. They’re currently exploring new areas of Jacksonville, too. They feel downtown Jacksonville is unique, and they hope to become more involved with development projects in the area.

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    Director of Meow-keting

    Greetings from Budget Blinds of Northern Jacksonville! As you may know, we love celebrating our team members—and that includes even our most unusual team members. That’s why today we’d like to show off someone who is a favorite around the office. His name is Whiskey, he started here in January, and he holds a special place as our Director of Meow-keting, which is an incredibly important position here at our showroom.

    Like the rest of our team members, Whiskey brings so much to this role! He’s very lovable and a big team player that likes making the office rounds each day. Count on him to lay on the keyboard at different points throughout the day—it’s one of the duties he takes the most pride in.

    Whiskey also brings stellar credentials to the job. We’ve certified him as our Budget Blinds of Northern Jacksonville Top Purrrrrrrformer in customer service. He loves greeting everyone who walks in the door. As a special treat, he’ll offer to let you give him some scratches.

    When he’s not busy catnapping or patrolling the office, Whiskey’s favorite hobbies include snuggles and sampling treats. As a busy kitty, he has quite the appetite—and we love having him around the office. He brings a lot of laughs, lots of purrs, and he’s part of what makes our team unique.

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    Head Honcho of Installations

    Here at Budget Blinds of Northern Jacksonville, we have a very special team member to celebrate! His name is Tigger, and he started with us in January. What role does he fill, you ask? He’s our Head Honcho of Installations!

    Tigger has so many special skills that we rely on. According to him, he has supurrrrrrb leadership skills—truly the best—and he knows exactly how to get the job done right. He likes to challenge his team every day, so he “keeps them on their toes” by making sure to walk under their feet.

    Tigger was born and raised here in Jacksonville. Outside of work, he has numerous hobbies. He has a passion for catnip, and he’s also a big Tom & Jerry enthusiast (#TeamTom, naturally!).

    Tigger also likes to work out. He’s a Certified Tough Guy who loves to flex his muscles.

    Join us here in giving Tigger a warm welcome to our team—and maybe a few scratches if you happen to stop in. Tigger loves scratches! And treats, too, to help keep those muscles of his nice and strong. He’s a very special part of what makes our team so amazing! If you’re not a cat lover already, once you meet Tigger, you will be!

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