Stop Energy Loss In Your Home

It feels like we were just complaining about summer’s unbearable heat and humidity five minutes ago and now here we are, feeling the chill of winter and the sticker shock of high heating costs to keep our homes toasty warm. Even the smallest air leaks can result in wasted money.   Instead of boosting your thermostat higher and higher, let’s explore some of the ways to stop energy loss and take advantage of home energy trends, inspired by climate change, to help us stay warm. 

Become a detective and seek out the spots where your heat is leavingYou might be surprised where you’ll find heat loss.  Does your bathroom feel drafty?  The caulking that hugs your tub goes through a lot, drying out due to age and becoming discolored thanks to mildew.  When it cracks and peels, the old caulking allows heat to escape and air to enter, not to mention opening you up to the possibility of water damage.  If your caulk is less than fresh, take this opportunity to scrape off the old stuff and lay down a new seal around the tub.  This easy and inexpensive fix will make a huge difference.  

Do you have recessed lighting?  “Can lights” - although popular as they give ceilings a sleek look- often have gaps that let heat creep up into your attic.  This is especially true if they were installed prior to 2004 as they probably aren’t sealed.  An electrician can use fireproof foam and caulk to seal those lights safely and block the drafts from happening.  

Outlets and switches are a notorious spot for energy loss since there is normally a small gap between the drywall and the electrical box.  Take care of the leak by taking off the switch plate cover and fill the gap with minimally expanding foam. A foam gasket would help with additional holes in the electrical box where the wires come in.  

A brilliant way to combat energy loss is to outfit your home with smart technology.  Smart LED bulbs and smart thermostats will help you regulate your energy usage and reduce waste.  Plus, you can incorporate your smart window solutions into your smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Sonos, and more.  

How will automated window treatments help save energy?  For one thing, you can program your shades and blinds to open and close automatically.  By using the app, you’ll be able to tilt your wood blinds to preset angles throughout the day so you can diffuse sunlight and maximize natural light.  These programmable features will help your home become energy efficient. You won’t need new wiring, so you’ll save money in the installation process. Win win! 

Call (203) 580-3362 to arrange a free consultation.  Let us show you how cellular shades, with their pleated pockets of air, can serve as a buffer between the outside temps and your home.  Drapery panels are a great layer of insulation.  Faux wood shutters are constructed with hollow louvers that trap air-like cell shades to block the sun and insulate against cold outside temps. 

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