Motorized Shades: Automate Your Comfort

If you or your kids were avid Disney channel watchers during the late 90’s, you probably remember the then-futuristic movie, Smart House. In the movie, the house could cook, clean and take care of the kids. While we haven’t invented robot babysitters quite yet, we’ve got you covered on automating your window treatments.

What does a 2018 smart home have?

A smart home encompases the automation of appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, sound systems and even window treatments which can be automated using voice activation, a remote control or an app.

How can I automate my window treatments?

When it comes to automating your window treatments, the leader in smart home technology is Lutron Electronics. At Budget Blinds of Greenwich, we proudly carry their products as they are an authority on smart shades and smart lighting. These motorized shades offer light control from the touch of a button from an app and do not require you to be home to operate. Local in-home automation options are also available.

In addition to adding to the feeling of comfort for Greenwich residents, they also offer energy-saving qualities. In the summer, Lutron shades can help reduce energy bills by insulating the home from external heat. During colder months, they help keep the heat in.

One of the downfalls of most automated shades is that they are limited in design. With Lutron smart motorized shades, you are not limited to only one kind of shade. They offer many types such as honeycomb shades, blackout shades, woven wood shades among other styles. Each of them is easy to clean and does not require much maintenance.

How much noise do they make?

Last thing you want in your peaceful Greenwich home is the sound of motor any time you want to control your shades. Lutron motorized shades do not make any noise. Your get-togethers, family dinners or quiet nights in will not get disturbed. You can also rest easy if you’re considering putting them in your children’s bedrooms as they will not be a distraction.

Can I control my lights?

Lutron also offers smart lighting. One of the best features is being able to set your programmed lights to adjust to seasonal changes, providing seamless automation. When at home, voice commands can also be used to control your lights and shades.

When the batteries, which last between 3-5 years, do need to be changed, there is no need to remove them or to hire a professional to swap them out. The panels are easy to flip open and require only a few minutes to replace.

If you’d like to take the comfort of your home to another level in the new year, consider automating your window treatments.

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