Drapes vs Curtains: How do They Differ?

Making a change can be a challenge. If you’re looking for new window treatments, the number of choices available can feel overwhelming but once you narrow down your options, it becomes much easier to do.   Making the decision between drapes and curtains is simple if you understand the difference between the two.  Let’s explore the nuances so you can avoid getting tripped up by the terminology.  Drapes and curtains are very different things.  Making an informed decision will let you pick the best choice for your home’s décor, natural light requirements and enhance your home’s energy usage. 

First, let’s acknowledge how drapes and curtains are similar. Since they have elements in common, it’s no wonder that there can be confusion.  Both are popular window coverings.  They are generally both sold in pairs and they are panels made of fabric.  Both drapes and curtains are hung from a rod that is mounted outside a window frame. 

Let’s deep dive into the differences, starting with drapes.  Drapes usually extend from the top of a window or close to the ceiling and spill down to the ground or even puddle on the floor beneath the window.  They may be lined and are created with varying levels of thickness in fabric.  Drapes may be thicker and made from high-end fabrics like velvet, rayon, silk, and even brocade for a luxurious feel.  Drapes can be solid or patterned.  Drapes have a more formal style and due to their longer length, they can give drama to a space.  They are often custom-created and are ideal to insulate a space- to keep the heat in or make sure the cold stays out during the winter months.  Drapes are ideal for reducing noise and blocking out natural light, making them a perfect option for bedrooms of night-shift workers who need to get sleep during the day.  

Curtains can be any length, from simply framing the window to longer, stretching to the floor.  Curtains can be custom-made but are often purchased off the rack and come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and materials, so it is easy to find a choice to match your décor.  The materials used for curtains are often more casual like cotton, wool, linen, and poplin.  They are sold in pairs and can be used in any room of your home.  For bedrooms, they are often combined with another window treatment like blinds to enhance darkness for optimal sleep.  Curtains can be lined or sheer, perfect to let in the natural light.   There are also various options for hanging curtains, including fabric rings fabric sleeves, and metal grommets. 

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