How to Make Roller Shades in Gonzales Safe for Children and Pets

One of the downsides of roller shades in Gonzales is the use of cords. They aren’t the safest options for children and pets, leading to a lot of people looking for other options. You do want to opt for the safer options for your family, but sometimes, you don’t have a choice.

Maybe your landlord has supplied roller shades. Maybe you got them before realizing the dangers. You now need to make your shades as safe as possible for the whole family, and here are your options to do just that.

Keep the Tension in the Strings

Roller shades in Gonzales usually come with continuous loop cords. They are the most dangerous for children and pets, but there are ways to deal with them. One of the best options is to find a way to keep the tension in the cords.

There are devices that you can put at the side of the window frame. You’ll wrap the cord around it, or you’ll place the loop into the device to keep the tension in the cord at all times. Only when you remove it from the device can you use the cords again.

This makes it harder for little hands to get a hold of the cords. It stops animals from accidentally getting caught in the loops.

Keep the Cords Out of Reach

Out of sight, out of mind. Another great way of handling the cords on roller shades in Gonzales is to keep the cords out of reach. You want to have a device at the top of the window that you can hook the cords over.

The cords need to be completely out of reach. There shouldn’t be a chance for that cord to fall down during the day, and there shouldn’t be a way for children to climb up and grab the cord. After all, if they see you put the cord up there, they will think that they can climb and play with it.

This is something you need to be consistent about. It can be annoying reaching up and putting the cord out of the way. However, it just takes one day of not doing it and mistakes happen.

Upgrade to Motorized Blinds

If you can, look into upgrading your roller shades in Gonzales to motorized options. You can often turn current shades into motorized blinds, or you can replace them with something motorized completely. You’ll be able to get rid of the cord when it comes to motorizing them.

If you can’t motorize, look into replacing with cordless roller shades. These work a little like the pull-down sun visors for the back windows of cars. They’re great for keeping things safe at a low cost.

The safety of your family has to come first. This means changing up some of the window coverings you have. If you can’t change your roller shades in Gonzales, you’ll at least want to take action to protect children and pets from the cords.

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