Best Pet-Friendly Blinds in Giddings for Your Home

If you have a four-legged friend in your home, you’ll know that they tend to forget about your blinds. They’re just obstacles to get through, especially when they want to see out the window. To help protect them and avoid damage, you want to get Giddings blinds in order and look for the most pet-friendly options. Here are the best options to consider.

Anything Cordless

Let’s start with the cordless blinds. No matter what type of shade or blind you consider (whatever the color and design) make sure that it doesn’t have corded features. Like children, pets don’t realize the dangers of the cords and you may find the cords are harder to keep out of their reach. After all, if you have a cat, you’ll know their tendency to climb!

Rather than risk damage or injury, opt for cordless blinds in Giddings to protect your pets and your home. There are so many options, whether you want cheap features, motorized blinds, or even shutters.

Consider Avoiding the Slats

If you can, think about avoiding slat blinds, especially traditional venetian blinds. Your pets will be able to see out of the windows and the blinds just become an obstacle to get through. Chances are you’ve seen the pictures of blinds completely destroyed or pets trapped within the slats. They don’t realize the dangers of going through.

Opt for a blind that can be pulled all the way up or down. When down, the distractions outside are no longer seen. Pets aren’t as likely to try to go through the Giddings blinds. When completely open, you have no need to worry about them going through the blinds.

This doesn’t mean slat blinds are a definite no-no. Vertical slat blinds can be highly benefitical and pet-friendly. They can be opened completely to one side, getting rid of the obstacle for your pet to see out of the window.

Think About Vinyl Over Fabric

Depending on the type of pet you have and how much like to climb, your blinds can end up with some damage from nail marks. This is especially common with fabric blinds. You’re left with those marks until you come to replace blinds in Giddings. Rather than have to replace, consider a material that’s a little sturdier.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds are some of the best options. They are durable in the window and don’t heat up the way metal blinds can (another durable material). It’s harder to see the marks left behind. In fact, it’s harder for your pets to leave the marks in the material, especially good vinyl coverings.

If you do get fabric blinds, consider ones that you can pull all the way out of the way. This helps to protect them when you’re out and your pet is home for an hour or so.

Think about making your whole home pet-friendly. This is more than just choosing the right rugs and furniture. You want blinds in Giddings that will avoid pet damage and injury.

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