Why Faux Wooden Blinds in Burien Are Perfect for the Bathroom

You need to select the right window treatments for the rooms’ uses. When it comes to bathrooms, you need to consider the fact that the room gets extremely humid. This is one of the hardest rooms to get window treatments for because of the risk of mold growth. Faux wooden blinds in Burien are the best option.

 Regardless of décor and size, there’s a type of faux wood blind for you. But why is this material so good? Here’s why you need it for your bathroom.

 It Won’t Absorb the Water 

Most materials will absorb the moisture in the home. This is especially the case with the likes of real wooden blinds in Burien and fabric window coverings. You’ll either need a coating over the wood to protect it or opt for metal to withstand.

 The problem with metal is that it can rust in the moisture. So, while it’s not absorbing the water, when the water isn’t removed it does damage the integrity of your blinds. You don’t have that issue with faux wood.

 No moisture gets into the material. Whether you have pure vinyl or you have a wooden core, the protective covering around the center will protect it from mold damage. The water evaporates off, so you can have beautiful looking window treatments at all times.

 Faux Wooden Blinds in Burien Are Easy to Clean

 The window treatments in your bathroom can end up dirt and grimy. This is often because of the moisture in the air. Even if they don’t look grimy, they end up with bacteria because, well, it’s the bathroom! So, you want something that will be easy to clean.

 Faux wood is one of the easiest materials. There’s no need to deep soak the materials or worry about staining. You can easily clean off the window treatments and use a disinfectant wipe or treatment to get rid of the bacteria and germs.

 There’s Something for All Window Sizes

 Bathrooms tend to come with smaller-than-average sized windows. You want something that works for that size easily and quickly. Blinds are perfect. You can get a set of mini blinds for the room.

 Plus, these blinds are moveable. You can take them to the next home you move into. The other great option for the bathroom is a shutter, but this is a permanent fixture.

 Excellent Privacy for the Room 

You don’t want people looking into the bathroom window. At the same time, you don’t want to lose the light in the smaller space. Faux wooden blinds in Burien will offer you the benefit of privacy without light loss.

 You can twist the slats easily, redirecting the view to another part of the room. However, you don’t need to completely close the slats, meaning you don’t completely lose the light. Those who do look in through the window won’t be able to see anything, but the sun still shines through.

 It’s time to consider your bathroom window treatments. Give faux wooden blinds in Burien a serious consideration for your home. You won’t regret them.

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