Blackout Shades in Auburn Does Not Mean Dark-Colored Shades

One of the big reasons people don’t want to buy blackout shades in Auburn is the thought of continuous darkness in the room. There’s a common misconception that blackout shades are made with dark colors; that adding personality and style isn’t possible. That’s certainly not the case.

In the past, blackout shades were made from dark materials. That’s simply due to the quality of the materials. With fabric being thinner, darker colors were needed to block the light. That’s not the case anymore.

Thicker Material for Brighter Colors

It all comes down to the thickness of your material. If the fabric is thin, then lighter colors are going to let the natural light shine through. You end up with room darkening window treatments instead of blackout shades in Auburn.

When you get thicker materials, you have the opposite problem. The thicker materials will help to block the natural light shining through. You can choose whatever color you want, whether it’s black, white, or something in between.

As long as you have the thicker material, you’re not going to need darker colors. Of course, you can choose darker colors if you’d like.

If you do have thinner material, something to consider is to get a lining. This helps to make the material thicker.

Thermal Blackout Shades in Auburn to Manage Colors

You can now get your hands on thermal shades and drapes. These will immediately off a blackout effect. The material is designed not to let the heat escape the room, so the light isn’t going to escape either.

Thermal drapes come in a variety of colors, and often in lighter shades. This is mostly due to the feeling you get with thermal drapes and shades. While you do block the heat loss, you can end up with a claustrophobic feeling. After all, the material looks thicker and can make a room feel smaller.

Dual Shades to Make the Most of Your Window Treatments

Another top option to consider is a set of dual shades. These are becoming much more popular, offering solar shades and blackout shades in Auburn in one. It doesn’t matter what color you get, as you get the blackout effect as soon as the second layer is used.

Dual treatments are popular for the summer months especially. The solar shade helps to prevent the glare of the sun. You remove the UV rays coming into the home, reducing the temperatures in the home. The blackout shade then offers you the privacy you want on a night when you have to turn the internal lights on.

You can also get a variety of benefits during other seasons. Brighter colors will help to keep the dreariness of outside away.

Just because you want a set of blackout shades in Auburn doesn’t mean you have to deal with the dark-colored options. Blackout shades have come a long way over the years. It now all depends on the color. Blackout shades come with thicker material, which allows far more choice in colors and décor.

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