4 Types of Blinds in Kent to Consider for the Spring Weather

We’re finally moving into the spring weather. Saying goodbye to the harsh winter will make you smile, but now it’s time to manage your window coverings. It’s time to change up your blinds in Kent, getting something that will start to allow the light in but block the glare.

During the spring months, you need something that will reduce the UV rays that are increasing. You’ll want something that lets in as much light as possible, especially on the days when it’s rainy and miserable – it is rainy season after all. Here are four types of blinds to consider for the spring weather.

Solar Blinds for As Much Light as Possible

You want to allow the light in without the glare. What’s better than a set of solar blinds in Kent for that?

Solar blinds – or solar shades – are made for conservatories and other rooms where you want to let as much light into the room as possible. They’re designed to make that light comfortable and protect the items around your space. You’ll reduce the UV rays, so you don’t suffer from sun rot or rising temperatures, but it will still feel like spring (and even summer).

You can choose from multiple colors. It’s easy to make your solar shades work for your décor and your space.

One of the downsides of solar blinds is privacy. This is where the next set of blinds come into play.

Roller Blinds in Kent for a Minimalist Approach

Sometimes you just want privacy. You don’t mind blocking out a little bit of light to gain complete privacy throughout the day and night. Roller blinds offer that in spades.

You can get light filtering, room darkening, and blackout blinds depending on your needs. For the spring, look out for the light filtering blinds. They will helpto allow some of the light into the room, but you won’t get the glare or distraction.

Like solar blinds, they come in a variety of colors and styles to work with your décor. They are also among the cheapest options.

Choose Woven Blinds for the Environment

While roller shades are effective and cheap, they’re not necessarily the most environmentally friendly. You’ll want to consider woven wood blinds in Kent, instead.

Bamboo blinds are among the most popular, but you can get them in other woods. Theblinds are made from natural woods that are light and offer a filtering element. They work very similar to roller or solar shades in mechanism, but you are limited on the colors as you stick with the natural wood colors.

One of the downsides is longevity. If you want something that is designed to last years, you’ll want the last option.

Get More Benefits with Venetian Blinds

It’s time ot turn your attention to venetian blinds. These are absolutely beautiful and offer full light management benefits. You can let all the light in during the morning but shut the slats to keep the room warm and the view from the outside out during the night.

Venetian blinds in Kent are also extremely durable. They’re designed to last for years, offering the best value for your money. They’re also effective throughout the year, so you’re not just buying for the spring.

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