Window Treatments in Maple Valley to Make Your Bay Windows Your Favorite Space

Your bay window can be difficult to manage when it comes to window treatments in Maple Valley. You want something that is going to manage the shape of the bay windows well while offering all the benefits that you need.

It can be hard to make your bay windows your favorite spot in a room when you have the wrong window treatments. Here are the top options to pick to make it a space you want to spend time near.

Get Sheer Drapes to Allow in the Light Without the Glare

One of the issues with bay windows is glare. You can have glare coming from just one of the windows or it might come from multiple. The last thing you want is to block all the light, though. So, you want something that is going to manage that glare for you.

Sheer drapes are the perfect window treatments in Maple Valley for glare management. They are thin enough to let all the light in but you get comfortable light. That means you have protection from all the UV rays shining in, whether it’s protection for your own skin or protection for your furniture.

On top of that, you have privacy. You can enjoy the natural light without wondering if your neighbors are watching you.

Opt for Cellular Shades as Your Window Treatments in Maple Valley

Sheer drapes do have a downside. They’re not great for managing heat loss in the winter months. For this, you’ll want to look at something like cellular shades. They are still thin enough not to block all the natural light coming through (unless you get thermal cell shades) and they will offer some good heating benefits.

In the winter, the heat tries to escape to warm up the air outside. You can lose up to 30% of your heat through the windows, so you want a window treatment that prevents that.

Cell shades will trap the heat escaping in the cells and circulate it back into the room. You’ll also keep the air around the windows warmer because of this trapped air, so the heat doesn’t feel like it needs to escape as much.

Go Permanent with a Set of Shutters If You Can

The two window treatments in maple Valley above are good temporary or semi-permanent options. What if you want something that will last longer and offer more benefits? Plantation shutters are the way to go for this.

They’re great for managing the light and offering privacy. You’ll also be able to get the heating benefits you crave, both in the summer and the winter. You’ll have something that is bright, and you can always add color via drapes.

However, shutters aren’t the greatest for renters. They’d been designed to last 10-20 years at least. If you’re renting, you may not stick around long enough to make the most out of them financially and they’re not easy to take with you to another place.

Your bay windows should be your favorite spot in a room. It’s time to get the right window treatments in Maple Valley to make sure that’s possible.

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