What Materials Should Your Shutters in Ravensdale Be?

You’ve decided on getting a set of shutters in Ravensdale for your home. They’ve certainly become extremely popular for many, but there are some decisions you need to make before buying. One of those is about the material.

There are multiple types of materials available and each bring their own pros and cons. The most common types are metal, plastic, wood composite, and real wood. Which will be the right ones for you? It’s time to break down each other.

Metal Shutters for Outside

If you want complete privacy and protection from the outside elements, consider getting a set of metal shutters in Ravensdale. Aluminum is the most common type of metal because it’s less likely to rust, stain, and become damaged.

Aluminum isn’t good for interior shutters as it will conduct the heat. It soaks that heat in and doesn’t let it go, so you don’t end up with the heating benefits in the home. The soaking of the heat can be good on the outside. The area around your window remains warmer so the heat doesn’t escape from the house as much. However, the metal can also become much colder, causing the opposite problem.

Plastic and Vinyl Shutters in Ravensdale for Long-Term

If you’re looking for something that will last decades, you’ll want to look at the plastics and vinyl options. These shutters are made to last 25+ years, so you have something for the full time you’ll be in your home.

Plastic doesn’t rot and break down like real wood. It’s not going to warp in the heat and it is a cheaper option for many. The downside is that the material isn’t great for larger shutters that are regularly used. The material can weaken in the middle over time. It’s also not a biodegradable material.

Wood Composite Shutters for Interior Design

Wood composite is often used for interior options. Rather than for the windows, this material is commonly used for cupboard doors. It’s a light material that absorbs moisture, making it unpopular for bathrooms and kitchens.

They are more affordable options. If you want something that will tide you over until you have the budget for something better, then this is going to be for you. However, you’ll find yourself replacing the shutters sooner than metal or vinyl.

Real Wood Shutters Need Treatments

One of the longest lasting shutters is going to be real wood. While they look great and they are beneficially financially, they will need treatments. Real wood shutters in Ravensdale will warp in the heat and they’re not the greatest for exterior, depending on the wood used.

The upside is the eco-friendliness of the shutters. You’ll have something that will degrade naturally and you can use on your own compost heap when it comes to replacing them – but you’re not going to do that for 20+ years.

It’s time to look at all your shutter options and think about your needs. There is something for everyone. Which shutters in Ravensdale are going to be the right options for you?

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