Best Window Treatments in Kent for Both Light Filtering and Blackout Effects

You’ll hear a lot about why some window treatments in Kent are good for light filtering benefits. Or you may hear that they’re good for darkening the room and even blocking all the light out completely. What you can’t find is something that offers you both of these benefits.

Sometimes, you want a window covering that will filter the light during the day. You want to make the most of the natural light without the glare, but there are times that you just need to shut the world out, whether you’re trying to get a child down for a nap or you have a migraine or something else entirely.

There are options available. Here are the best window treatments to offer both light filtering and blackout benefits.

Dual Solar and Roller Shades

If you’re on a tight budget or you rent, you’ll want something that is low cost. You’ll want something a little more temporary than most of the best window treatments in Kent. In this case, you need to turn to the dual window coverings.

These are relatively new, but they are the most effective on a budget. They offer a solar shade on one side that you can pull down during the day. You’ll keep the natural light but lose the glare. Perfect!

When you want to block out all the light, you use the roller shade side of things. This can be a room darkening or a blackout blind, it’s up to you. You’ll get to pull it down whenever you need to create the darkness you desire.

Slat Window Treatments in Kent

For those with a little more money, you’ll want to look at slat blinds. Venetian and vertical are among the most popular slat blinds available, but there are a few others. You’ll want to look at each one depending on the size and type of the window, but it’s the slats that give you the benefits.

You can twist the slats to let the light into the room but redirect the UV rays. The glare doesn’t shine in your eyes. When you’re ready to cut out all the light or you want full privacy, you just shut the slats completely.

You’ll want to look at metal or wood blinds. Fabric isn’t as good for the blackout benefits.

Plantation or Colonial Shutters

What if you want window treatments in Kent that are permanent? You’ve got options. Plantation and colonial shutters have louvers. They’re a little like the slats in blinds.

The window coverings close over the windows and you move the louvers depending on the amount of light you want to let in. You can block the UV rays coming through without losing all the light. At the same time, you can close the louvers completely and block out all the light.

Faux wood is a great option. They’ll offer a range of other benefits, including temperature control and safety.

You don’t have to settle for either light filtering or blackout effects. There are window treatments in Kent that offer both of these benefits for your specific needs.

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