3 Top Tips for Beautiful Roman Shades in Ravendale Bedrooms

Ravendale roman shades are beautiful and easy to work with any décor. However, they need to get the right message across and be practical for individual rooms. Before you put just any shades in your bedroom, make sure you get the right style and feel. Here are three top tips for getting beautiful roman shades for your bedroom.

What Feeling Do You Want in the Room?

Start by thinking about the feeling you want from the room. Bedrooms need to be a calm and relaxing place. You want to reduce energies by getting calming colors. At the same time, you may want to add some sensuality into the room of passion. Just how do you get it all with the colors?

Deep reds can often help. They avoid the feeling of anger and energy, sticking with the feeling of romance and sensuality. However, some light greens or blues can also be beneficial, as they bring the feeling of tranquility and calm in the room that you will sleep in.

You don’t just need one block color. Consider patterns or shapes that utilize the preferred color. Avoid too many colors together as they can send a confused message.

What Décor Will You Match?

Don’t forget about the rest of your décor. Red roman shades in Ravendale can certainly add a sensual look, but that could clash with your blue décor. You then get a mixture of feelings in your room.

Work with the current décor if you’re not interested in changing. You can either match the colors of your walls and other décor or opt for white and cream shades. The neutral colors will work with absolutely any décor and allow the psyche to feel the main décor colors and styles in the room.

The whites and creams can also help your Ravendale roman shades blend in. You get the chance to make your windows just look like part of the cream walls, so other parts of your décor stand out instead.

How Much Light Are You Blocking?

Roman shades in Ravendale can come in a variety of thicknesses. They can block out all light or allow a little through during the day. The types you choose will depend on the exact amount of light you want to block from the bedroom.

If you’re a light sleeper, thicker blinds can be beneficial. You can also use the deeper colors to help block a lot of extra light. For those who like a relaxing, easy wake-up call, you can opt for slightly thinner roman shades. They will allow some light without the glare, allowing your eyes to get used to the change in lighting. When you then open the blinds, the sunlight isn’t as shocking or glaring.

Children’s bedrooms tend to work best with the full blackout effect. This is the best way to prevent children staying up late in the summer or getting up super early because the sun’s “awake.”

While you can use the same Ravendale roman shades in your bedroom as you would in the living room, this isn’t always going to be the best option. Consider the décor and feeling for the specific rooms. You’ll spend your money far more effectively.

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