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Smart Home Automation Made Simple

Whole-home automation for your Budget Blinds window treatments can begin with just a single window or room because Lutron® automated shading systems are designed for modular expandability. And as always, our Lutron smart shades come with beautiful style and expert service -- we measure, install and do it all for you. It’s so easy, and so very, very smart.  Ask us about Lutron smart home automation today! 

  • Smart shades, smart lights, and smart thermostat from Lutron integrate beautifully with your choice of smart home devices that that include Amazon® Alexa, Apple® HomeKit™, Google® Assistant, Nest®, Sonos®, and more.
  • Control your smart window treatments, lights, temperature and more from any mobile device by using the Lutron app
  • Program Lutron shades to automatically open and close for peace of mind and energy savings.
  • Automated and cordless smart shades are ideal for homes with children and pets.
  • Control and schedule the positioning of your Lutron smart shades with your smart device.
  • Lutron cellular and roller shades are child-friendly, energy-efficient, and are available in a wide variety of colors and materials.
  • Monitor and control lights from your smart device no matter where you are, or create personalized lighting schedules that change with the seasons.
  • Programmable features allow you to use heating or cooling only when you need it for maximum energy efficiency.
  • No new wiring required.

Customization & Options for Lutron Shades

  • Automated Control

    Choose from a variety of automation options, including the ability to schedule shades to adjust automatically based on the time of day or light conditions. This feature not only enhances convenience and energy efficiency but also allows for seamless integration with smart home systems.

  • Wide Range of Materials

    Select from sheer, light-filtering, and blackout materials, each available in various colors and textures. This extensive selection ensures that Lutron shades can be tailored to complement any room decor while meeting specific requirements for light control and privacy.

  • Professional Installation

    Lutron's innovative wireless technology allows for easy installation through a Budget Blinds professional without the need for extensive wiring or structural changes. This option is ideal for both new and existing homes, as it minimizes disruption and provides you with peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Quiet Motor Technology

    Keep noise levels to a minimum with ultra-quiet motor technology. As some of the quietest motorized shades available on the market, this feature is particularly useful in rooms such as bedrooms or offices ensuring that shade adjustments do not disturb the peace of the space.

Integrate with Leading Smart Home Devices

Our Lutron smart window coverings are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing smart home ecosystem. By supporting compatibility with leading smart home platforms such as Amazon® Alexa, Apple® HomeKit™, Google® Assistant, Nest®, Sonos®, and others, these window coverings provide unparalleled convenience and automation capabilities. Whether you're looking to voice-control your shades or want them to operate in sync with other smart devices, our solutions offer flexibility and ease of use.

Adjustments at the Tap of a Button

The Lutron App offers a powerful and intuitive interface to manage your Lutron smart window treatments, along with your home's lighting and temperature settings, all from your mobile device. Designed to enhance user experience and provide convenience, the app allows for effortless control and monitoring of your home environment, whether you are at home or away. With the Lutron App, you can program your shades, blinds, and lights to adjust automatically based on schedules or local sunrise and sunset times, promoting energy efficiency and ease of living.

Smart Window Covering Considerations & Alternatives

Seamless Smart Home Integration

Lutron shades are at the forefront of smart home technology, offering advanced integration with leading systems like Control4, Savant, Creston, and others. This connectivity allows for effortless voice and app control, turning your home into a hub of convenience and modernity. Perfect for tech enthusiasts or those looking to future-proof their homes, Lutron shades blend sophisticated technology with sleek design to enhance any space.

Looking for Precise Light and Privacy Control?

A standout feature of Lutron shades is their exceptional ability to provide precise control over both light and privacy. Users can effortlessly adjust their shades to the exact level desired through the intuitive Lutron app, accommodating varying needs throughout the day or for specific activities. While traditional shades offer basic adjustments that can cause delays between different sets of shades in a single room, Lutron shades bring high-tech precision and ease by sending commands that open all shades simultaneously at the same speed.

Enhance Home Efficiency and Security

Lutron shades offer more than basic window coverings; they are part of a comprehensive home automation system that enhances energy efficiency and security. Program your shades to adjust based on time of day automatically, optimizing your home’s energy usage and providing added security by simulating occupancy when you're away. If you're not ready for full automation, consider hybrid solutions that allow for manual control alongside smart features.

A Long-Term Investment in Smart Living

Investing in Lutron smart shades means investing in the long-term efficiency and comfort of your home. These shades are built to last, using high-quality materials and technology that can adapt to future smart home innovations. For those committed to a smart home ecosystem, Lutron shades offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and cutting-edge technology, making them a superb choice for a modern, efficient, and secure living environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lutron Smart Shades

We offer a variety of motorized window treatments including roller shades, cellular shades, and wood blinds (USA only). These can be customized in different colors and materials - Just ask!


Yes, our Automated Shades and Blinds are designed to be child-friendly and pet-safe. They are cordless to prevent any entanglement risks.

The remote-control feature is simple and made to be user friendly! It allows you to adjust your window coverings from anywhere in the room. With the simple push of a button, you can raise and lower your shades or tilt your blinds. Easy as can be!

Yes, you can customize your window shades in various styles, colors, and materials to match your home décor. With our in-home consultation, we make sure the whole process is catered to your wants and needs. This way, you are never sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. With us, you get both!

Yes, our range of window treatments provides excellent light control. You can adjust the amount of natural light entering your room, and they will automatically adjust throughout the day to optimize natural light while protecting interiors from harmful UV rays according to your preference.

Our window treatments can be integrated with various smart devices, allowing you to control them through the Lutron app or other smart home systems, such as Amazon® Alexa, Apple® HomeKit™, Google® Assistant, Nest®, and more.

Yes, our Smart Blinds and Shades can be integrated with voice-controlled smart home systems, allowing for easy and hands-free operation perfect for this age of home automation.

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