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Beautiful. Inviting. Sustainable.

With the ability to custom colour-match to existing wood trim and furnishings, you can create the perfect look for any room. Slat sizes in 2” and 2 ½” allow a tailored, precise fit to any window, while offering complete privacy- in style. And because our wood blinds are sourced from 100% North American hardwoods from certified and domestic forests, you know you’re doing your part in helping sustain our natural resources.

  • For a sleek, smooth finish choose painted or stained, while a rustic finish imparts a lasting texture-rich look and feel. For that designer touch, fabric tapes or a decorative cornice box can be added.
  • Available in both inside and outside mounts. Inside mounts offer a more refined, finished look while leaving window sills and decorative molding in view.  Outside mounts are best for mounting blinds to the wall or molding around the window.
  • Energy efficiency is enhanced when your wood blinds are closed, blocking UV rays and reducing solar heat gain.
  • Vanes are available in painted, stained, or rustic finishes.
  • Add depth to your windows and shutters with a selection of valance options that include standard, traditional, decorative and contemporary styles.

Customization & Options for Wood Blinds

  • Custom Colors

    Experience the ultimate in aesthetic flexibility with our color customization options! This option allows you to match your blinds perfectly with any interior design scheme, from modern minimalism to cozy traditional. Our white wood blinds in particular both brighten up and bring a sense of peace and spaciousness to any room.

  • Slat Width Selection

    Personalize the look and control of natural light with our slat width selection feature. Choose from various slat widths to find the perfect balance between privacy and sunlight filtration. Whether for small windows needing subtle light control or larger areas where more light is desired, there's a slat width to suit every need and style.

  • Motorized Tilt Systems

    Combine traditional wood beauty with modern technology by opting for a motorized tilt system. This customization is perfect for hard-to-reach windows or for those who value convenience and child safety. With a simple press of a button, tilt the slats of your wood blinds effortlessly, enhancing both the functionality and luxury of your living space.

  • Privacy & Light Control

    Pair your wood blinds with enhanced privacy and light control features, such as blackout or light-filtering options. This combination ensures that the blinds are not only beautiful but also highly functional, allowing you to control the ambiance of your favorite space with precision.

Style and Convenience, Working in Tandem

With a larger slat size and a tailored fit, Venetian blinds provide a classic, beautiful look for any home. Not only do these natural wood blinds add a touch of sophistication, but they can be tilted open or closed at any time for light control and privacy, making them the ideal choice for those interested in both aesthetics and function. When your wooden window blinds are closed, they also block harmful UV rays and reduce solar heat gain, enhancing energy efficiency.

Keeping Up With Trends

Venetian blinds aren't the only wooden window treatment we have in our collection! In this digital age, we've kept up to date on the latest in window blind technology with smart shades and blinds.

With a single app, you can effortlessly manage your smart window treatments, lighting, and temperature settings from your mobile device. These automated smart shades and blinds are not only convenient but also child and pet-friendly, making them an excellent choice for family homes.

Real Wood Blinds Considerations & Alternatives

Seeking the Authentic Warmth of Natural Wood?

Real wood blinds bring an unparalleled level of natural beauty and warmth to any space, offering the distinct, rich textures and unique grain patterns that only true wood can provide. With the authentic charm and variability of nature, each slat is a unique piece of art. They are the perfect choice for those who value the intrinsic elegance and timeless appeal of natural wood, enhancing both traditional and contemporary interiors with their sophisticated presence.

Lightweight for Ease of Use

One of the standout features of real wood blinds is their lightweight nature, making them easier to raise and lower compared to other window treatment options. This quality is particularly beneficial for large windows or for those seeking ease of use in their window treatments. The natural lightness of wood contributes to a hassle-free operation without compromising on durability, offering a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal in environments where the genuine look and feel of wood are both desired.

Looking for Better Moisture and Temperature Control?

While wood blinds add a beautiful touch to any room, they are not the best choice for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The moisture in the air can cause the wood to warp, discolor, or crack over time. For these environments, faux wood blinds or waterproof alternatives are recommended as they can withstand moisture without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of natural wood.

An Investment in Timeless Beauty

Real wood blinds may represent a higher initial investment than some other window treatments, but they are a true testament to the adage "you get what you pay for." Offering unmatched elegance, durability, and the timeless beauty of natural wood, they are an investment in your home's aesthetic and value. Real wood blinds age gracefully, developing a rich veneer over time that adds character and depth to your space. For those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to make a lasting statement with their decor, real wood blinds are the epitome of sophistication and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Window Blinds

Wood blinds offer a unique combination of natural beauty, durability, and timeless appeal that is hard to match with other materials. The natural wood grain in each slat brings warmth and elegance to any space, making them a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. Additionally, wood blinds provide excellent insulation, helping to keep indoor temperatures more stable and reducing energy costs. Their durability means they can last for many years with proper care, making them a wise investment for homeowners.

Real wood blinds can be susceptible to warping due to their natural material, especially when exposed to high humidity levels or direct sunlight over prolonged periods. However, with proper care and placement, the risk of warping can be significantly minimized. To prevent warping, it's advisable to avoid installing real wood blinds in areas with high moisture content, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Use blinds made from materials like faux wood in these environments instead. For windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight, consider using UV protectant treatments on the blinds or integrating window films to reduce sun exposure.

Yes, you can schedule your automated shades to open and close at specific times, enhancing convenience, privacy, security, and energy efficiency. Additionally, our system allows you to set your shades to operate at sunrise or sunset, with the app automatically adjusting based on your geolocation for precise timing.

Wood blinds are relatively easy to maintain, but it's important to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. Dust them gently with a soft cloth, microfiber duster, or a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove surface dust. For deeper cleaning, a lightly dampened cloth can be used, but avoid using water or harsh cleaning solutions as they can damage the wood. Regularly checking for signs of wear and tear and addressing them promptly will also help extend the life of your blinds.

Absolutely! Wood blinds are highly customizable to fit the specific needs and style preferences of any homeowner. From choosing the color or stain that matches your decor to selecting the slat size that provides the desired balance of privacy and light control, there are numerous options available. Additionally, you can choose from various lifting systems, including motorized options for added convenience and safety, as well as decorative tapes to enhance their visual appeal.

Wooden window blinds fit numerous styles and sizes of windows. For large windows, consider using wide-slat wood blinds to make a bold statement and allow ample natural light to filter through. When dressing your French doors, match the wood blinds with the window frame for a cohesive look that exudes elegance. Opting for a pure white finish can even brighten up your rooms, creating a fresh and airy ambiance. Our real wood blinds offer versatility and timeless charm, making them a fantastic choice for your design aspirations. Ask one of our design consultants if wood blinds are right for your windows or doors!

Wood blinds provide natural insulation thanks to the wood's inherent properties. In the winter, they can help retain warmth within a room, and in the summer, they can block out excessive heat from the sun, making them an energy-efficient window treatment option. While not as insulating as some dedicated thermal window coverings, when closed, wood blinds can significantly reduce heat transfer and help manage interior temperatures, potentially leading to lower energy bills.

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