Pros and Cons of Cellular Blinds in Alexandria

Are you thinking about installing cellular blinds in your home? They can make beautiful additions, but they’re not perfect. They don’t work for every single room in your home. Before you jump into buying Alexandria cellular blinds, here’s a look at all the pros and cons of them.

Offer Heating Control and Privacy

Like all other window treatments, cellular blinds offer light control but that’s not all. They offer superior heating control compared to the majority of other blinds and treatment options. Cellular shades are also referred to as honeycomb blinds or honeycomb shades due to the honeycomb look from the side. The material zig-zags against each other, looking like a beehive.

This honeycomb shape offers extra heating benefits. As the heat attempts to escape from your home, it will get trapped within the gaps in the material and circulate back around. The heating goes back into your home, helping you keep the costs of heating the home in the winter to a minimum.

And of course, you get the privacy benefits with cellular blinds in Alexandria. They tend to be thicker, especially if you opt for triple layered blinds. It’s harder for people to see through your window to know if you’re in the home, both in the day and in the evening.

Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

Cellular blinds have a similar benefit to roller and solar shades. They are made with a fabric material, which can come in multiple styles and colors. You can work with absolutely any décor in the home, so they fit almost every room in the house.

Alexandria cellular blinds tend to be thicker than most shades. The material is more durable, which means it doesn’t need replacing as often. The only time you’ll really need to replace the blinds is when they no longer match your décor due to redecoration. However, you can plan ahead for that to make sure your colors and styles will work.

Slightly Harder to Clean

Honeycomb shades can be a little harder to clean than other types of blinds or shades. The holes that help to circulate the air back into the room can become clogged with dirt and dust. You need to use something that will get into the holes and clean them on a weekly basis. While you can use a vacuum cleaner, you can’t usually get all the way through to the middle of the length, so there is still room for bacterial growth.

While most other blinds will collect dust, they are very easy to clean. This is something to consider before you buy.

Don’t Work for All Rooms

Cellular shades in Alexandria will work with the décor in all rooms, but they’re not suitable for all rooms. They will collect moisture, which means they’re not the best for any rooms with water or damp heat. Bathrooms are especially problematic.

You can get around this by cleaning the blinds. However, this requires more maintenance than some of the other, excellent options available.

Are Alexandria cellular shades right for your home? They certainly offer a range of benefits, but there are also downsides to consider. They’re not perfect, just like every other window treatment out there. Consider the maintenance and room issues before you buy cellular shades for your home.

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