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Smooth Control, Sleek Comfort

Experience unmatched convenience with motorization and the Smart Home Collection from Budget Blinds! With our sophisticated motorized window shades, you can transform any room in your house effortlessly. These cutting-edge shades provide ultimate convenience by allowing you to adjust incoming light and privacy with the simple press of a button, a tap on your smartphone, a programmed time of day, or even through voice commands. Our collaboration with top home automation partners like Lutron®, Somfy®, and Hunter Douglas® ensures seamless integration into your smart home system.

With Budget Blinds' motorized window treatments, controlling the light and ambiance in your home becomes a seamless aspect of your everyday life – even windows that are out of reach. Enjoy the intersection of style, technology, and practicality that comes with motorized shades. Get started by scheduling an in-home consultation with one of our local design experts today.

  • Motorization offers several benefits including enhanced light control, energy efficiency, privacy, safety, and security.
  • Motorization gives you the ability to effortlessly adjust the shades on windows that are inaccessible, difficult to reach or rooms with lots of windows.
  • Browse several control options for your automated shades- from wireless wall switches to hand-held remotes and mobile apps.
  • Our Smart Home Collection allows you to craft personalized settings, or "scenes," which adjust your shades to the perfect levels for light and privacy on-demand, all tailored to fit your daily routines.
  • Motorized shades offer superior child safety, eliminating dangling cords that pose risks to children and pets and ensuring peace of mind.
  • Open or close your remote-control operated window shades either one at a time or many shades at once with our simple, one-touch button operation.
  • Our motorized shades can also be controlled with your phone via app, allowing you to raise and lower shades whenever you want from anywhere in the world.
  • Embrace the simplicity of adjusting your environment with motorized shades that move at your command—immediate adjustments are always at your fingertips.

Motorized Smart Shades

Smart window treatments from our Budget Blinds Smart Home Collection blend beautifully with any home décor, offering effortless control over natural light and privacy. These motorized shades enhance both comfort and energy efficiency. They also safeguard your furnishings from harmful UV rays and can be set to automatically adjust at predetermined times.

Operable through a variety of control methods, each shade features a quiet, high-efficiency motor. Our motorized shades are compatible with voice commands via smart home systems such as Google, Alexa, Apple, Control4, Savant and more, providing an extra layer of convenience. The accompanying app facilitates remote adjustments and personalization, including the ability to set schedules and create scenes. This makes our motorized smart shades a sophisticated and functional choice for contemporary living spaces.

Smart Home Enabled

Elevate your home automation with voice-controlled automated shades that integrate flawlessly into your smart home system. Operate your window treatments effortlessly using voice commands, thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. These innovative automated shades provide a user-friendly way to manage natural light and privacy with just your voice, enhancing convenience and control in your living space.

One-Touch Remotes

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and embrace the simplicity of our one-touch remotes for your motorized shades. Operate your shades one at a time, or multiple windows at once with ease. These sleek remotes are designed for ease of use, allowing you to modify your window treatments with just a single click. Ideal for quick changes and precise control of light and privacy, our one-touch remotes are indispensable for any automated modern home. They ensure that managing your motorized window shades is effortless and straightforward.

Wall Switches

Enhance your motorized shades with the practicality of wall switches. These switches provide a direct and tactile way to control your window treatments, integrating effortlessly into your home décor. Suitable for those who prefer a more conventional control option or as an addition to smart home setups, wall switches make adjusting your motorized shades simple and effective, promoting comfort and privacy at the touch of a button.

Tablet & Phone Apps

Revolutionize your interaction with your home through our Smart Home Collection app, available on tablets and smartphones. This powerful app allows you to open or close your shades from anywhere in your home or while you’re out in the world, enhancing your home’s security and energy efficiency. Customize and schedule scenes to automate your shades according to your weekly routine, seamlessly incorporating advanced light management into your daily life.

Wand Control

Upgrade your window treatments with the simple convenience of a motorized wand, giving you complete control of natural light and privacy with the push of a button. Offering an accessible entry point into motorization, wands provide an affordable and practical solution.  Positioned on the outer edge of the shade, a simple click on the motorized wand allows you to effortlessly raise and lower your shades when desired, eliminating the hassle of keeping track of a remote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Window Shades and Smart Home Solutions

Motorized shades can seamlessly connect to most smart home systems, enabling control through voice commands, mobile apps, or even automated settings based on your preferences.

Yes, you can schedule your automated shades to open and close at specific times, enhancing convenience, privacy, security, and energy efficiency. Additionally, our system allows you to set your shades to operate at sunrise or sunset, with the app automatically adjusting based on your geolocation for precise timing.

Automated shades improve energy efficiency by making it easy to lower shades when no one is in the room. Doing this improves insulation and helps regulate indoor temperatures, thus reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Control options for motorized shades include wireless wall switches, attached control wands, hand-held remotes, mobile apps, and integration with existing smart home systems.

Yes, automatic shades can shield your interiors from harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, flooring, artwork, and fabrics from damage and fading.

Motorized window shades are particularly safe for homes with children and pets as they eliminate the need for dangling cords, reducing the risk of accidents.

While some motorized shades are designed for DIY installation, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal functionality and integration with your smart home systems.


Yes, Budget Blinds offers the largest selection of motorized shades in the industry, and they come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, allowing you to customize them to match your home décor and personal aesthetic preferences.


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