Why You Need Dual Solar and Roman Shades in Vista

You’ve heard of the benefits of solar shades and you know why you need roman shades in Vista homes. What about getting a set of dual shades? You can now get a set of shades that offer both solar and roman shades rolled into one.

 There are two elements to the shade. On the side closer to the window is the solar shade and then on the outside – the side you’ll see in your room – you’ll get the roman shade style. Here’s why you need to consider the dual solar and roman shades for every room in your home.

 You Get the Best of Both Worlds

 Solar shades offer benefits that roman shades can’t. At the same time, your romans shades in Vista offer benefits that solar shades wish they could. One of the biggest benefits of getting a set of solar and roman shades is that you’ll get the best of both worlds.

 You may have already considered doubling up your window treatments. When you get a dual set, you save money and space. There’s no need to figure out how to hang your solar shades with your roman shades over the top. You just put one window treatment up in each window and you get the best of both worlds.

 So, what exactly are those benefits?

 There Are Cooling and Light Filtering Benefits

 During the day, you don’t want to block out all the light. This is where solar shades come in handy Roman shades in Vista would just create a blackout effect, but the solar shades will filter the light. You get rid of the glare but keep all the light, so you can sit comfortably in any room in the home.

 There are also cooling benefits, especially in the summer. You’re cutting out the UV rays coming into your home, which means you reduce the increasing temperatures in the space. These types of shades are what you need in the conservatory, bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else you may spend time during the day or need it cool on a night.

 You’ll also create some privacy during the day. The way the light shines through, people won’t be able to see in through the window. The downside is you don’t get the benefit on the night, which is where the roman shades come in use.

 Roman Shades in Vista Block Out Light and View

 Roman shades tend to have a thicker material and sometimes a darker color. You can block out all the light coming through, which is perfect on a night when you want no distractions. These blinds are also good for the daytime if you work shifts or you have children that need to nap.

 At the same time, roman shades will block out the view. While the solar shades work in the day, they don’t work on a night. The roman shades are a thicker and opaque material, which means nobody can see through them.

 Consider getting a set of dual solar and roman shades in Vista for every room in the home. You won’t regret getting the best of both worlds.

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