Cleaning Your Cellular Blinds in Fallbrook without Damaging Them

Routine maintenance on your window treatments is essential. This can be tricky with some types of blinds and shades, but not impossible. Fallbrook cellular blinds can initially look difficult to clean because of the cell design, but really this design is extremely easy to clean with the right tools. Here are all the tips you need to clean your cellular blinds without damaging them.

Use an Empty Adapted Aerosol Can

Start by blowing out as much of the loose dirt, grime, dust and dead bugs from within your cellular blinds in Fallbrook. Rather than using a duster or pipe cleaner, place a thin straw over an empty aerosol can and spray as you usually would. The can will still have some air inside, allowing you to use pressure to get rid of the buildup.

Make sure it’s empty, though! A little of whatever was originally in the can will lead to damage to the material on the inside. You’ll find it difficult to clean the chemicals out afterwards.

You don’t need a small straw, but this can help you get further into your cellular shades. You’ll make sure you force everything out the other side, instead of collecting in the middle!

Opt for a Hairdryer

If you don’t have an aerosol can, you can also opt for the hairdryer technique. This works in the same way, but you’ll likely work on multiple cells at a time. However, cleaning your Fallbrook cellular blinds with a hairdryer will require some care. The heat can warp and damage the material.

Stick to a cool setting on your hairdryer. Also keep an eye on the distance you keep the electrics from the material.

Hairdryers aren’t as precise, but they can still do the job.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner on the Outside

Now the cells are clean, it’s time to turn your attention onto the outside of your cellular blinds in Fallbrook. Start with a vacuum cleaner, using the upholstery brush. This will you delicately run across the blinds, dislodging any dust or dirt caught in the fibers of the material. You can switch to the thinner nozzle when getting into the creases of your blinds.

Use the vacuum cleaner when your blinds are all the way down. There’s no need to remove them from the window. Remain light to touch, as the suction on the vacuum cleaner should do the hard work.

Dab the Stains Out

If you have a stain, you’ll need to put a little extra effort in. This is where some of the damage can occur. You’ll need to use a damp cloth, with just a little bit of soapy water. Place your hand behind the shades, so you can put the pressure on without affecting the shape of the shades as much as possible. Dab the stain out, rather than rubbing. If you rub, you risk spreading the stain across more of the shades.

You can clean your Fallbrook cellular shades without doing harm to them. Use the tips above whatever your maintenance needs.

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