4 Ideas for Summer Décor Roman Shades in Cardiff

The summer is here and now it’s time to change your spring décor. This means looking at new Cardiff roman shades that will make your home look and feel summery. Here are four ideas for décor to work for your needs.

Start Simple with Summery Colors

Rather than working with patterns and prints, why not just keep your blinds and shades simple? Orange and yellow are two of the best colors to bring the summer into your home. They are also excellent colors for your mental health.

When we look at orange and yellow, we naturally feel brighter and happier. The colors remind us of the beach and of the warmer weather. We start thinking about exotic locations. Your guests will instantly start thinking of the summer when you add orange or yellow roman shades in Cardiff rooms.

Add Floral Patterns

Floral patterns will instantly bring the feeling of the outdoors and that can lead to the feeling of summer. You’ll want to work with more flowers than vines, as the flowers will remind people of the time of year all the trees and plants blossom in full. Vines tend to look bare and bring the reminder of the winter.

Instead of standard floral patterns, you can get prints of flowers together. You get rid of the stems and the vines, and focus on the individual flowers or leaves together. This will help you add more brighter colors easily.

Add Seashells and Beach Patterns

When you want to bring a sense of the beach into your home, you’ll need to step away from the floral patterns. Opt for Cardiff roman shades with seashells and other reminders of the beach. You may even find some shades that have the beach print in full, bringing you the sand and sea so you feel like you’re there.

You can also add under-the-sea looks with your roman shades. Get those with fishes and sea creatures to make you feel like you’re someone exotic.

Get the Tie-Dye Effect

A fourth option is to get Cardiff roman shades with a tie-dye effect. This is extremely popular when you work with yellow, orange, or pink for your dye color. You’ll bring the summery colors but in an old-school way. The colors don’t take over the whole room, but you instantly capture the attention of your guests. You instantly bring that groovy feeling that brings up good memories.

Tie-dye blinds are a lot of fun for all rooms in the home. They work with every décor and you can get different colors for the different seasons. While the orange and yellow options work for the summer, you can use green for the spring, blue for the winter, and brown and dark red for the fall.

Get creative with your roman shades in Cardiff. They are perfect for adding the season to your home, as the costs are low and the effects are immense. The four ideas above will instantly bring the summer to any room in your home.

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