3 Tips for Repainting Your Shutters in Vista

Vista shutters are beautiful additions to the home, whether exterior or interior. They add value and privacy at the same time, knocking years off the look of the house when installed correctly. Repainting your shutters is a necessity. You’ll need to repair damage due to inclement weather and brighten up the material every few years. Here are three top tips for repainting your shutters.

Remove and Sand Down

It’s tempting to repaint your shutters from the house. You may be tempted to only repaint the areas that get the most exposure to the weather and the sun. The problem is the uneven paintwork will make your shutters look old and worn. You can negatively affect the value of your home with poorly painted shutters.

You want to remove the shutters before repainting. Give them a wash with some mild soapy water and clean out all the panels and hinges. Allow them to fully dry and then sand them down. This helps to get rid of the old paint, so you start with a fresh layer of wood. If you’re working with vinyl shutters in Vista, you can skip the sanding.

Once you’ve sanded, put on a protective weather-proofing layer. This can help to prevent the paint seeping into the wood, so it stands out and shines.

Use the Right Type of Paint

Shutters come in all types of materials. The most common are vinyl and wood, but you can also get faux wood and other plastics. While they can all look the same from a distance, they have different elements making them up. Different types of paints can soak in, stand out, and even damage the material. Before you even think about colors, you need to invest in a paint designed for the material of your shutters.

Acrylic paint is excellent for vinyl shutters and plastic, but this isn’t going to be suitable for metal and wood shutters. When working with outdoor Vista shutters, make sure the paint will withstand the weather conditions. This isn’t just about wind and rain, but you’ll also need something that will withstand sun rot and UV damage.

Look at colors that are slightly lighter than the existing colors. The sun’s heat will be absorbed more by the darker colors, which can lead to the material of the shutters twisting and warping.

Spray or Paint with a Brush

When it comes to applying the paint to your shutters, you have two options: spraying or brush painting. Both work perfectly fine, but they do have their own pros and cons. Spray painting can be excellent for an all-over coverage in a small amount of time. Do it on ground that won’t be damaged from the paint. The best option is to lie newspaper down and place the shutters over the top.

You may need to apply multiple layers of paint. Make sure each layer dries fully before applying another layer. Then make sure the paint dries fully before placing the shutters in Vista back on your windows.

Are you ready to repaint your Vista shutters? This is the best way to keep them weather-resistant and looking good. Just follow the tips above for the best results.

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