Why You Should Consider Outside-Mounted Roman Shades in Caldwell

You can get two types of roman shades in Caldwell: inside-mounted and outside-mounted. The only one you want to consider right now is outside-mounted shades.

Sure you want inside-mounted ones? Yes, they do offer some benefits, but there are some great, affordable benefits to choosing those that mount on the outside of your window frame. Here’s why to choose them this time.

You Don’t Need Custom-Made Shades

One of the biggest benefits of outside-mounted roman shades in Caldwell is how they don’t need to be custom-made. You can get ready-made blinds that are just a little too big for the window. They will fit perfectly and still do their job.

You immediately save money by doing this. Sure, you have more material, but it’s less work for creating the blinds. You just have to make sure the material is big enough to cover the window. You can go a size up if you need to. There’s no need to have anything specially made that is only suitable for your windows.

They Offer More Heating Benefits

You can end up saving money in the long term with roman shades in Caldwell that fit outside the frame. They cover up the entire window space, blocking more heat from escaping from the house.

Inside-mounted window shades have a small gap. The idea is that the material doesn’t get caught on the walls or anything that may be on the inside of your window frame. They also don’t get in the way of anything you may have put on the window ledge.

You don’t have that gap where the heat can escape through. There’s no gap where light can shine through. You’ll save money on heating throughout the year.

Outside-Mounted Roman Shades in Caldwell for Narrow Windows

Then there’s the problem of fitting window treatments into windows that don’t have a lot of depth. The frames are too narrow, meaning that the material of the blinds sits out a little too much. You don’t get the clean finish that you wanted to in the first place.

There’s no need to worry about that with outside-mounted shades. They’re not designed to sit flush in the window frame, anyway. If you have a narrow window, you don’t have to find a material that is perfect for it. You just sit it in the outside and you don’t affect the style.

You Make Your Windows Look Bigger Than They Are

You may have small windows. Outside-mounted roman shades in Caldwell are excellent for then. When the shades are closed, the windows look larger than they really are. This can help to fix an odd look in your home if the windows don’t quite match the wall space. Sometimes you have too much wall for a window.

The shades will also add a little texture to space. This is often needed with smaller windows, attracting attention for the right reason.

It’s time to look at just outside-mounted roman shades in Caldwell. They can end up more affordable and financially beneficial in the short and long term.

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