Why Use Draperies in Caldwell as a Secondary Layer?

When it comes to adding new window coverings to your home, you’ll find that a lot of people now double up their coverings. They have a primary layer like a roller shade or venetian blinds. Then there are draperies in Caldwell layered over the top as a secondary layer.

Isn’t this a waste of money? Why would you need to put a secondary layer up around your windows? Here’s a look at how it can be so beneficial for the home.

You Can Manage the Downsides of Other Window Coverings

Not all window coverings are perfect. While the venetian blinds are great for managing privacy and heat, they may not be the best for color. The solar shades are perfect for managing privacy and light during the day, but they do nothing on a night. You need a second layer that will offer benefits against the downsides of other window coverings.

This is what draperies in Caldwell are perfect for. These types of window coverings will offer an extra layer for insulation if your primary layer isn’t good for heating benefits. You’ll quickly gain privacy if you find you have none with the other window coverings.

Drapes are affordable to hang. They’re also easy to use. There’s no argument not to get them.

Draperies in Caldwell Add Texture Around the Windows

Windows can be on the boring side. You want to find ways to make them stand out and add character to the room. This means adding texture to your space. Drapes will do just that.

Your primary layer is going to fit within the frame of the window. They’re inside mounted, which means spending less for less material, but they sink into the windows. Drapers will mount on the outside, and they will add that layer over the top of the window.

Whether open or closed, you end up with this extra texture. It helps to manage the size of your space a little, while offering a range of benefits.

Add a Splash of Color Around Your Home

Then there’s the benefit of color. If you rent, you may have a primary window covering that you don’t really like. It’s effective, but there’s no color to it. You can’t paint the walls and add color in other way, so you need to do it through a secondary layer.

Draperies in Caldwell come in a variety of colors and patterns. You get full control over what you would like to hang around your home, the colors that you’d like to include. As drapes are temporary window coverings, your landlord can’t say anything against you.

This is also great if you change up your décor frequently. You can replace the drapes with ease and not feel guilty about the money you spent. It’s much easier to add personality to your space while the primary layer does the hard work and offers the benefits.

Yes, adding a second layer is another expense. However, adding draperies in Caldwell also offers some beautiful benefits.

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