Are Shutters Out of Style In Boise?


While some designers may think shutters are out of style in 2022, the fact remains that Plantation Shutters are a timeless window treatment. Ideal for curb appeal, the ability to easily adjust a shutter louver for privacy and light control makes it a favorite choice of many homeowners.

When designers say they don’t like shutters, it may mean they don’t want them on every window throughout the house. For example, we often advise our clients to consider other options for the windows across the back of their home, especially in a living or family area that looks out into the backyard. While they may desire window coverings for energy efficiency and privacy at night, we suggest another product that fully raises like a shade, allowing them to enjoy the view of their backyard or watch their kids play outside instead of closing off that view with a shutter.

Curb Appeal and Increased Home Values

On the other hand, nothing adds value to a house or curb appeal across the front of the house like Plantation Shutters on your interior windows. Their classic design, durability, and timeless style add value to your home and increase resale value. 

Child-Friendly, Easy to Clean, and Insulating

They are also a perfect choice for bedrooms. With their high R-value for insulation, they not only help provide privacy but also keep your room at a comfortable temperature. Ideal for nurseries and toddlers’ rooms, shutters are inherently cord-free, making them safe for kids and pets. Plus, they are effortless to clean. The wider louvers are more accessible to wipe clean, and our composite finish is kid-friendly and moisture resistant.

Are Shutters too traditional for modern homes?

You may think they are out of style because the tilt rod used to open and close the shutter louvers may look too traditional for your style. Not to worry, shutters from Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa are available with invisible tilt for a clean, modern look. You simply move one louver, and they all adjust to your preferred tilt position.

How can I open and close shutters on tall windows?

Have a hard-to-reach or tall window transoms? We can motorize your shutters. Not only that, but we can automate them to tilt with the sunlight. Amazing right? Update your home with smart home automated shutters from Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa.

Can my shutters be custom painted to match my trim color?

Yes! We can custom match the shutters to your trim paint or stain color or choose from our stock colors in on-trend shades of gray and white to find the perfect color for your home. Remember, shutters don't have to be white! What about choosing a contrasting color like black or charcoal gray to make your shutters stand out as a design element in your room? The Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa design consultants are here to help you find the perfect shutter style and color for your home!

Do I have a choice of louver size?

Another updated option is the addition of wider lovers. Perfect for larger windows, the 41/2 inch louver allows for a better view when the louvers are open and a cleaner, more modern aesthetic with fewer louvers.

So to answer our initial question, “Are shutters out of style in Boise?

Absolutely not! With modern details like invisible tilt, wider louvers, color match paint, and stain colors in on-trend shades of gray, plus the option of motorization, Plantation shutters remain an excellent choice for any style from Transitional to Modern Farmhouse and Mid-Century to Rustic Mountian.

To see shutter color samples and louver sizes in your home, give us a call and schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation with one of our local design experts. We can’t wait to meet you and your widows!

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