4 Ways to Repurpose Your Shutters in Caldwell

When it comes to home décor, you may want to repurpose older items. You’re replacing your shutters in Caldwell. Rather than throwing out the old, you’ll want to repurpose them into items of furniture or something fun for the home.

There are so many ways to reuse your shutters. These are just four effective ideas that anyone can do.

Turn Them into a Table

One of the most useful items to create is a table. You can decide just how long this table is based on the size of your shutters in Caldwell and anything that may be broken within them. You want to get rid of sections with the broken louvers for this.

All you’ll need is some extra wood to create the legs for your table. You may want to add extra wood to the underneath of your shutters to create a sturdier table, especially if you have a longer one.

Just make sure you sand the shutters down. You’ll then be able to repaint to make sure the new table works for the décor in the room.

Make a Headboard from Your Shutters in Caldwell

Another way to get creative is to turn your shutters into a headboard for the bed. The way you do this will depend on the length and number of shutters you have to use.

You could opt to sit your shutters upright next to each other. You’ll need a few doors for this to strength the length of the bed depending on whether you’re creating a headboard for a twin, queen, or king-sized bed.

You could also turn the shutters on their side. The length of the shutters will need to match the bed, but you can use fewer doors pilled on top of each other.

Repaint into a Seasonal Decoration

What about adding a seasonal decoration to your collection? Your old shutters in Caldwell could be excellent for this. You can work with any season that you want, doing a different season for each shutter door you replace.

Paint the shutters in one color, usually white. You can then paint snowmen, pumpkins, bunnies, and more all over the doorways. Keep the louvers closed for this and consider how you can add more to your seasonal decoration when the louvers are opened.

Create an Organizer for the Home

Finally, look at turning your shutters in Caldwell into something else that is practical in the home. You’ll want to make an organizer.

There are a few ways that you can do this. The easiest is to just nail the shutter door to the wall. The louvers act as place holders for mail and you can add some hooks for your keys or bags.

You could add a little more to the doorways. Consider a chalkboard to the top for leaving notes or a section at the bottom for kids’ permission forms for them to drop in for you.

Don’t throw out your old shutters in Caldwell. You’ll be surprised by the many ways they can be repurposed for something fun or useful in the house.

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