4 Top Steps Before You Start Painting Your Wooden Shutters in Nampa

Whether you have real or faux wooden shutters in Nampa, you want to treat them well. That’s the only way they’re going to last as long as they’re supposed to.

Of course, sometimes, you may want to paint your shutters. This could be a touch-up of the coloring you already have or it could be to change the décor in your home. Before you start painting, here are four steps you need to take.

Sand Down the Wood

You want to make sure the wooden shutters in Nampa are ready for you to repaint. The best way to do that is to sand down the material. This can help to remove a layer of paint or varnish, giving you a fresh start for your shutters. It will also help to smooth out any uneven sections on the wood.

Try a liquid sander. This will help to get an even touch-up across the shutters and will be easier to use if you’ve never sanded before. You’ll also need to fully clean and dry the wooden surfaces before painting.

Opt for a Spray and Not a Brush

Look out for paint and primers that you can put into a spray bottle. Some are designed for wooden shutters in Nampa and will come with a bottle to use.

Spray bottles are much easier to use than brushes. You’ll find it’s easier to get that even coat all over your shutters, helping to make it look like you’ve had the window coverings treated by a professional.

The spray will also be easier and quicker for you to use. You’ll still need patience (we’ll get onto that), but you’ll have something that avoids too much dripping, which always shows up on paintwork!

Always Use a Primer on Your Wooden Shutters in Nampa

Don’t jump straight into the paint. You need to get your shutters ready, and that means using a primer first. You’ll only need one coat of primer.

A primer will put a layer over the material to prevent the paint from soaking into the wood. You’ll get a more even look when painting, whatever color you choose to use. The primer is clear, so there’s no need to worry about what your paint color will come out as later.

When painting, opt for a water-based paint. It’s going to last longer and look better on the wood.

Be Patient When Painting

Patience is a virtue, especially when painting wooden shutters in Nampa. You need to take the time to evenly paint the shutters, whether spray or brush.

A rushed job will show up. You’ll miss spots around the shutters, you’ll find where the paint has dripped later, and you just don’t get that perfect finish afterward. For years, you’ll be left with that thought that a professional. Patience is worth it.

Most wooden shutters in Nampa won’t need painting. They’ll last for a lifetime with some cleaning and dusting now and then. If you do want to paint them, take the steps above to get a finish you’re proud of.

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