Room-Darkening Blinds and Blackout Window Treatments for Light Control

The right window treatments complement your interior design style while offering light control and privacy. Several options are available when you want to block most or all light from entering your rooms. 

Your best option might be room-darkening blinds, blackout shades, or a combination of window treatments depending on which part of the house you’re thinking of improving. Here’s how to figure out the best light control option for each room of your home.

Room-darkening blinds vs. blackout curtains — What's the difference?

Room-darkening window treatments block most light, while blackout window treatments block out nearly all of it. In addition, they offer different benefits depending on how much light you'd like to eliminate.

Room-darkening blinds

To eliminate most light from a room, go for room-darkening blinds, which only let a small amount of light filter through. Room-darkening window treatments are great for bedrooms because they block streetlamps and headlight glare. While they do not block all the light, they work well for most people. Consider blackout shades with light-blocking tracks if you are a light sleeper or need to sleep during the day.

Blackout shades

Blackout shades or curtains are the best way to achieve total darkness in a room. They're made of multiple layers of material that can block almost 100% of the sun's rays. They’re an excellent choice for family members who work the night shift or are especially sensitive to light while sleeping. Adding sidetracks or decorative drapery panels with a blackout lining will help eliminate the small light gap on the

Thermal curtains

Some blackout curtains also have thermal layers. Thermal curtains provide insulation to prevent heat loss through windows, which maintains a steadier temperature in the room and helps with energy bills.

What are the best blinds to block out the sun?

We offer many window treatment options to block sunlight. Each room in your house has different light-filtering or blocking needs, so we recommend a customized solution to make each room look and feel its best. But we do offer several options that excel in light control.

Cellular window shades

With four opacity levels available (sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout), cellular window shades provide the precise level of control you need for the windows in each room. Their cordless design offers full window coverage with minimal gaps.

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, look great when paired with vertical drapes because the open curtain can block any light that seeps around the edge of the window frame. Try pairing room-darkening or blackout cellular shades with lined light-filtering drapes. This lets you pull the shades up and close the drapes to let in gentle, filtered natural light or pull the shades down for near-total

Motorized window treatments

Ever wish you could block out streetlights but still wake up to the morning sun on your face? Motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and shut at specific times of the day or to adjust with the temperature or light levels outside.

Most window treatments, including shades, drapes, and blinds, can be motorized. Once you get used to opening your blackout blinds with a simple voice command, you'll want cordless motorized shades in every room!

Energy-efficient window treatments

If solar panels seem like too much of a leap, energy-efficient window treatments are a great place to start if you want to save energy and create a more sustainable household. Blocking sunlight and trapping air inside provides insulation to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Shades, drapes, curtains, and shutters are all available in energy-efficient designs that block light and prevent energy loss. A custom combination of window treatments can make every room more beautiful and save energy costs.

Light control window treatments

Our light control options are a great way to block sunlight without darkening a room too much. Combining them with additional window treatments creates a unique and versatile look that gives you as much light control as you need for each room.

Consider adjustable dual sheer shades, with their alternating bands of opaque and light-filtering fabric to create multiple levels of light control and privacy. This unique product gives you an array of options, from complete privacy to filtered light. Its modern design works well with many design styles, and its vertical panels make it easy to clean. Only an occasional light vacuuming is necessary.

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