Personalize Your Style With DesignINK

Have you ever tried to find the perfect fabric for your window treatments or other home decorating project, but the color, pattern or size of the design was not quite right? Even with the many gorgeous options available today, sometimes finding exactly what you want seems impossible.

Now you have another option! DesignINK, exclusive to Budget Blinds, allows you to become the designer and create something truly personalized that no one else will have. Select from six high-quality base fabrics and 1,500 stunning patterns. Simply choose a design you like and change it up until it’s just right for you. DesignINK is our new customer tool that helps you discover the designer in you, making it easy and affordable to customize and showcase your window treatments and other decor elements. Create your own signature designs by customizing your ideal color palette and pattern to suit your personal style. It’s never been this easy, or this fun, to discover your design dreams in creating the ideal look for your home.

Personalize your pattern. Customize your color.

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