How to Use Privacy Window Film for an Open Office

In workplaces where cubicles surround executive offices, it can be hard to balance privacy with approachability. Privacy is essential for executive offices, but blinds or curtains can make administrative offices seem closed-off from the rest of the employees. 

Luckily, there’s another option. Privacy window film is a great way to filter light and offer privacy in offices without making executives seem unapproachable.


How can I cover my window for privacy without curtains?

Drapes aren’t always ideal for a professional setting. Inviting someone into your office and closing the curtains can feel threatening or secretive. Shutters or blinds have a similar effect. 

Because window films don’t need to be closed to create privacy, they’re a great way to skip the discomfort caused by closing blinds or shutters.

What is a privacy window film?

When applied to windows, privacy window film blocks most visibility while still allowing natural light to filter through. It removes the need to cover internal windows with curtains, providing a more open feeling in the office without sacrificing privacy. It's available in various patterns and can fit any window shape. 

What are the benefits of installing privacy window film?

Privacy window film has multiple benefits for businesses in addition to privacy. It adds style and color to reflect your brand and make the workspace more inviting. When applied to exterior windows, it also reflects sunlight, reducing your heating and cooling costs while protecting office furniture and equipment from UV damage.

What is a one-way mirrored privacy film?

One-way mirrored window film lets you see out of the window while blocking interior views from the outside.

A one-way window film is an excellent option for exterior windows on an office building. It lets sunlight in and allows employees to enjoy the view outside while keeping your company’s inner workings private.

What is a two-way mirror privacy film?

Two-way mirror privacy film blocks 95% of light, giving your office total privacy. Its high opacity and reflection make it nearly impossible to see through.

What is decorative window film?

Decorative window film is another window accent for your commercial setting that can be used to create privacy in an office or business setting. Decorative films come in various shades, patterns, and designs and can be custom-made to match your branding. They also diffuse light, block harmful UV rays, reduce heating and cooling costs and provide a level of privacy.

Decorative window films are available in etched, frosted, and stained-glass designs. Consider using them to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab office setting.

Can you see through a privacy window film?

Different window films offer different levels of privacy. Two-way mirror privacy film provides a high level of privacy regardless of lighting. Decorative window film offers some privacy.

One-way mirror film allows more privacy during the day because the reflected light makes it hard to see through. It’s less effective at night because the inside of the office is brighter than outside.


Most window film cannot ensure total privacy. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider light control or blackout window treatments.

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